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DJ Trump and the Lackeys

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I think in American fashion, if you want to influence our political leanings, there will have to be an exchange of money or services.

But, please remember to call it lobbying. Otherwise, it just sounds like bribery!

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It's also nice because I can charge my entire family's phones all at once. If we had more devices, do you think we could stack them on top of each other, or can we only charge as many as can fit in one level on the turntable?

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Can it turn blockchain monkey jpgs into animated, voiced monkey gifs? If so, it may be a great success.

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My dumb toaster got an update this morning and now runs an AI.

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Because Genthree Genfour Genfive Gensix, etc. would get confused with other products on a Google search.

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Yoda's husband Paul was investigated for insider trading because of some extremely well timed trades just prior to battles with the empire.

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Every Starbucks I have been to lately that wasn't in a Barnes and Nobles have all remodeled and gotten rid of all their tables. They are only coffee to go places. I don't really like their coffee. If I go, it's for a chill place to sit and kill some time and coffee is a nice bonus. I can make better coffee at home for about a twentieth of the price. I figured they knew what they were doing, but if their profits are down, maybe not.

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Hello, Korea community. I taught English in Korea for a few years over a decade ago. At the time, my bank I used in the U.S. was Wells Fargo. I had an absolutely awful experience with them while in Korea. I never once had access to the money in the Wells Fargo account the entire time I lived in Korea.

I told them ahead of time I was moving to Korea and to allow transactions there. I don't know if they did, but it got overriden/expired, or if they just pretended to. Either way, when I tried to get money out of that account it failed every time. They would alert me to "fraudulent activity" and lock my card. I had to call, tell them it's me, I live in Korea, like I said, so please unblock my card and allow transactions from Korea. I did this probably ten times before giving up. I was so mad about it that the first thing I did when I moved back to the U.S. was close my Wells Fargo account.

I am looking at living in Korea again for a time, but I don't want a repeat of last time. Does anyone have any recommendations for banks that understand that sometimes people actually leave the U.S. and still may need access to their money? I am not opposed to even trying to bank with Wells Fargo again if they are no longer terrible from Korea.

I will have a Korean bank account, and get pay to the Korean account, but may need access to money in my U.S. account for emergency cash.

EverQuest beans (everquest.allakhazam.com)
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Seeing all of the bean memes made me start to wonder how many beans there are in EverQuest. Here's an Allakhazam list of beans in EverQuest. The various Luclin green beans seems to have pretty crazy stats.

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I'm working on the bard epic 1.0, and I am on the part in Skyfire where I need to spawn and kill Eldrig the Old.

I've read up on Allakhzam, and the accepted ways to do this are to either 1) Have two friends stand at certain spawn points while I high sun the mobs back to their spawns to find the right spawn cycle, or 2) Have five friends join me while I get an instance of Skyfire, and then just drop it if Eldrig the Old isn't up, and get a new instance until I find him up.

My question is, is there any decent, reliable way that anyone has found for a solo bard to do this? I pretty well have only been working on the epic when my friends can't play. Otherwise, I'm grouping with them doing higher level stuff. Is the best method for doing this solo to just kill everything that moves and keep watching track with fingers crossed? Or is there a better way?

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I started playing with some friends during the beta test. We were all gnomes so we would have the same starting city. I played a rogue. If I recall correctly, the others were magician and cleric.

I played EQ when it went live, and played until Gates of Discord. Since then I seem to have a cycle of playing for 1-2 years before taking 1-2 years off. EverQuest is the game I always end up returning to, though.

2023 Hardcore Heritage (www.everquest.com)
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Hardcore Heritage is live. This is the time of year where passing through Blackburrow and other usually lower level zones is a lot more dangerous. Be safe out there.

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