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"The difference between the two is that there was no weapon here."

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Just keep "hollywood" running in another terminal at all times.

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Install and run "btop".

You could scroll down to the screenshots on the GitHub page, but I had a friend recommend btop to me and seeing it for the first time running on my own machine was an experience. Highly recommend.

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10 year old bug?

What are they talking about, that bug report is from 2014‽

... Fuck

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"I was referring to open book reader..."

The lack of capitalization, and the project name that could just as easily be a descriptor, made me miss it at first too.

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"The Open Book is my long-standing attempt to design a comprehensible and accessible e-book reader that you can build yourself (or at least have manufactured affordably). The current edition is something I’m calling the “Abridged” or “Developer Preview” edition. It’s designed to be incredibly simple: there are 7 through-hole and 14 surface mount components, nearly all in a chunky 1206 package that’s easy to hand solder. The tradeoff is that it has no LiPo charging circuit; instead it uses AAA batteries, making it a bit more chunky than previous versions of the book.

The goal with this version is to get hardware in hands so we can start hacking on firmware."


  • This is a hobby / project of love
  • The current focus is on hardware

I'm sure that the eventual plan is to support ePub.

I'm not sure it will ever get there, because it's not a well resourced project, but I personally don't like criticizing one person's efforts, which they are making freely available.

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It looks like you would get a perfect solar eclipse on Mars if Pandora were spherical.

If there's another planet in our solar system where you can almost get an earth-like "perfect" solar eclipse, I find it highly unlikely that there isn't a single other planet in our entire galaxy where one might also see a "perfect" solar eclipse.

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One key problem with forced arbitration clauses is that company chooses and pays the "neutral" arbiter, who is inevitably biased against the consumer.

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Find the mutual aid networks in your community and join / support them.

Just generally be in community with those around you.

Join or form local weekly protests for a permanent ceasefire.

Join a union and encourage others to. Help ensure that your union has enough resources to provide support for more vulnerable members when they need to strike.

Run for local office.

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More than a decade ago a user came into #ubuntu-server on Freenode (now ) and said that they had accidentally run "rm -rf /* something*" in a root shell.

Note the errant space that made that a fatal mistake. I don't remember how far it actually got in deleting files, but all of /bin/ /sbin/ and /usr/ were gone.

He had 1 active ssh connection, and couldn't start another one.

It was a server that was "in production", was thousands of miles away from him, and which had no possibility for IPMI / remote hands.

Everyone (but me) in the channel said that he was just SoL and should just give up.

I stayed up most of the night helping him. I like challenges and I like helping people.

This was in the sysv-init (maybe upstart) days, and so a decent number of shell scripts were running, and using basic *nix commands.

We recovered the bash binary by running something along the lines of

bash_binary_contents="$( </proc/self/exe)"
printf "%s" > /tmp/bash

(If you can access "lsof" then "sudo lsof | grep deleted" will show you any files that are open, but also "deleted". You may be surprised at how many there are!)

But bash needed too many shared libraries to make that practical.

Somehow we were able to recover curl and chmod, after which I had him download busybox-static. From there we downloaded an Ubuntu LiveCD iso, loop mounted it, loop mounted the squashfs image inside the iso, and copied all of /bin/ , /sbin/ , /etc , and so on from there onto his root FS.

Then we re-installed missing packages, fixed up /etc/ (a lot of important daemons, including the one that was production critical, kept their configuration files open, and so we were able to use lsof to find the magic symlinks to them in /proc/$pid/fd/ and just cp them back into /etc/.

We were able to restart openssh-server, log in again, and I don't remember if we were brave enough to test rebooting.

But we fucking did it!

I am certainly getting a lot of details wrong from memory. It's all somewhere at though. My nick was / is Jordan_U.

I tried to find it once, and failed.

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It's a stretch to say that going to war in the middle east indicated "care" about/for Arab people.

Also, I haven't checked but I'd bet good money that we've gone back on more promises than we've actually honored WRT interpreters.

Meaning, to be clear:

We've promised a lot of interpreters U.S. visas / citizenship if they helped us in Iraq and Afghanistan, and have probably blocked more from entry to the U.S. than we have allowed.

That is utterly fucked up, and I don't see why anyone would trust such promises from the U.S. in the future.

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