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Most of these aircraft share pretty much non of their material with their original selves. Unfortunately it's rarely a mechanical failure that causes a crash.

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Weeding out the spon-con is very difficult depending on the product. I was looking at solar generators a year ago and gave up with youtube because every single reviewer was provided the product they were using for free to review.

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Is this the case that would have vaporized chevron or is there another horror waiting for us. My feeble not lawyer mind can only keep up with so many podcasts about this 😑

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The biggest crime against shared knowledge ever committed is photobucket fucking off with the pictures in every "how to fix this car problem" forum post.

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I have those exact ones for that exact purpose

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It cost damn near 40 bucks to get two Jimmy John's sandwiches delivered. I could make 40 sandwiches for that price.

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Better bring back online death match. I'm still salty about then taking that away in doom eternal

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For the cost, finding a company to do the scanning for you will get you the best results. See: me, I work for a 3d scanning company. Unfortunately we do pretty high end shit and our sales guys won't touch anything in the realm of hobbyist which I think is a shame. That being said there are people out there who will do it for ya.

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B B B B B B B B 🍓🕐

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Came here for this 💣

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Click up click up it's a stick up stick up

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This guy has big Saul Goodman energy

my boy (
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My partner's band has a new single. I'd appreciate it if yall gave it a listen.

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Jerboa wouldn't upload so I signed up for a pixelfed account to upload the picture. Enjoy

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I appreciated how the reddit app I used (relay) kept everything internal. I don't want all the links I open on this app opening in my browser and plugging up my history. I doubly appreciated how it would open YouTube links in an internal video player that wasn't linked to my YouTube account in any way. This is a must have for me to prevent my YouTube "algorithm" from getting any ideas. For example, I watch a video about "X" and now my whole feed is suggesting I watch more videos about whatever "X" was.

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One night only! (
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Inspired by some seeds my partner bought. Hope this fits in...

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