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Which is the one you got? Which has the best features?

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Sure I've seen this before, would be cooler if it was controlled by nerves rather than a pressure sensor.

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There's a Avatar game? Can I get the ROM for Lemuroid?

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First of all, I actually find it quite helpful, AI is not bad in itself, just the people who use it for things it's not designed for are misguided. Secondly, did you miss the part where this AI is optional?

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It uses Stable Diffusion, yes (specifically comfy UI for the backend), but it has a much better in app UI that any stable diffusion web UI I've tried.

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That Sounds like a horrible, painful death.

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I don't want to encrypt my drive in case I forget the encryption key and lose all my data

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I don't know about you specifically, but I'm surprised how many people haven't heard of Krita, a FOSS image editing app with an optional AI Image Generation plugin.

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Prove it with a study, then cite that study.

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Isn't Steam itself a third party launcher?

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This is outrageous! I was replaying The Witcher 3, and when I got to the A Hallowed Horn quest, I remembered that last time, Mithias got annoyed at me for killing the thieves. So this time, when I got to the thieves, and already knew that the horn was in a chest, rather than any of the thieves inventories, so I didn't actually have to kill them, I took care to not kill any of the thieves, while still retrieving the horn - which was a difficult job, as I couldn't loot the chest while the thieves were nearby, so I had to lure the thieves away from the chest, then circle back, and in the extremely narrow time window between when the battle music stops, and when the thieves return to the chest - as they start to return immediately once the battle music stops, loot the chest - made even more difficult by the game's janky input mechanics, where it seems to treat all inputs as a queue (moving, pressing 'e' to loot, etc), so I had to make sure not to queue up too much movement so I could quickly loot the chest before the thieves returned - anyway, I did it, after a lot of effort and time, and the cheek! Geralt still said that he killed the thieves when talking to Mithias, as if all that effort to not harm a single hair on their heads was for nothing!

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They would lose any magical powers they may have had in the book, but anything they are, rather than can do, will stay. For example people from the His Dark Materials world would keep their daemons. You can take them out at any time in the story's plot, but for all other people consuming the media, it will be shown that the character suddenly disappears, with the rest of the plot being affected accordingly. People will notice this happening. The character is not under any sort of control by you once you have taken them out of the story, although they will appear next to you to start with.

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What does your desktop look like? (share.jackgreenearth.org)
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Here's mine. No inspiration at all taken from a certain California based company's OS ;p

I use:

  • Manjaro OS
  • GNOME desktop
  • WhiteSur icon theme (with a few icons changed in the desktop file)
  • WhiteSur GTK and shell theme
  • Bing wallpaper
  • net speed simplified
  • Logo Menu
  • Show Desktop
  • Top Bar Organiser (to move the time to the right)
  • Overview background

I apologise if I missed anything.

Great, the worst of both worlds. (share.jackgreenearth.org)
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I can't root my phone because I don't have an image for it (Moto G73) although I'd like to, but for some reason my banking app thinks it's rooted and refuses to work. This happened just after I updated it, it wasn't happening before.

Edit: I'm regretting not getting the Motorola Edge 40 Neo, which also costs £250, but is slightly better in multiple ways, and seems like it has better root support.

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I saw people going on about how great BG3 is on this site, so I thought I'd check out a let's play to see what all the fuss was about. I immediately fell in love with the graphics and the mechanics, such as the classes, races, spells, dice etc, but I disliked the emphasis on gore/horror in the game, and I know I wouldn't enjoy playing a game with that whole brain horror thing going on. Not to mention the price and storage requirements being excessive. (150GB!)

So, bearing in mind that, is there a game that would match my criteria, and if not, what do you think comes closest?

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Intended output: { children: { Display: { children: { ... value: 2 } } } }

Real output: { children: {}, Display: {}, ... value: 2 }


// Load default settings
let defaultSettings;

load("/assets/json/default-settings.json", 'json', function(defset) {
	defaultSettings = defset;

	// Create custom settings
	if(!Object.keys(localStorage).includes('settings')) {
		setLs('settings', JSON.stringify({}));

	customiseSetting('Display/UI/Distance', 2)

function settingURL(url) {
	return('children/' + url.split('/').join('/children/') + '/value');

function customiseSetting(url, value) {
	url = settingURL(url);

	// Split the string by '/' and use reduce to access the nested properties
	const newSettings = url.split('/').reduce(function(accumulator, val, index, array) {
		// If the object does not have the current component as a property, create an empty object for it
	  	// If the current component is the last one, assign the value
	  	if (index == array.length - 1) {
			accumulator[val] = value;
	  	} else if (!accumulator.hasOwnProperty(val)) {
			accumulator[val] = {}; // update the accumulator object

		log([accumulator, val, index, array])
		// Return the updated object
	}, JSON.parse(ls('settings')));
	setLs('settings', JSON.stringify(newSettings));

I've been trying unsuccessfully for several days to fix to what must be a simple error. I've looked over it myself, but I can't find the cause of the bug. I asked Bing, which usually helps, but it was unhelpful. So I'm sorry to be bothering you, but if you could help me solve this problem, I would really appreciate it.

EDIT: I fixed my code by using a recursive function as follows:

function customiseSetting(url, value) {
	url = settingURL(url).split('/');

	let newSettings;

	function recursiveSet(object, list, index, setTo) {
		// If the current component is the last one, assign the value
		if(index == list.length - 1) {
			object[list[index]] = setTo;
		} else {
			// Check if it already contains the value
			if(object.hasOwnProperty(list[index])) {
				object[list[index]] = recursiveSet(object[list[index]], list, index + 1, setTo);
			} else {
				object[list[index]] = recursiveSet({}, list, index + 1, setTo);

	newSettings = recursiveSet(JSON.parse(ls('settings')), url, 0, value);

	setLs('settings', JSON.stringify(newSettings));
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Basically the title. I installed Lemuroid recently and was wondering if you had any suggestions for specific 3d racing games you could recommend.

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