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After 362879 wrong answers you will pass. Or after 2,0922789888×10¹³ tries if it's a fancy 4x4 grid.

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Please, no, I get flashbacks from my 6-month journey (still ongoing...) of the code review process I caused/did. Keeping PR scope contained and small is hard.

From this experience, I wish GitLab had a "Draft of Draft" to tell the reviewer what the quality of the pushed code is at: "NAK", "It maybe compiles", "The logic is broken" and "Missing 50% of the code", "This should be split into N PRs". This would allow openly co-develop, discuss, and steer the design, before moving to nitpicking on the naming, formatting, and/or documentation details of the code, which is likely to drastically change. Drafts do work for this, but the discussions can get uncomfortably long and convolute the actual finishing of the review process.

Once both reviewer(s) and the author agree on the code design, the "DraftDraft" could be collapsed into a link in an normal Draft to be mocked next. The scope of such draft would be limited by the earlier "DraftDraft".

Bugs fixed (sopuli.xyz)
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Have a good day.

Stubb. (sopuli.xyz)
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That's because people are now aware of all of this shit happening, and some discreet day, just flip off the power from the house, doing indescribable things, and listens to the voices in their heads. And nobody will know.

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Radeon RX 580 until the VRAM dies to the idle @50°C temps or the support is removed from the kernel...

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The video link 100% cognitohazard. DO NOT CLICK.

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There were no unit tests and previous dev had opened the pandora's box with half-written implementation. Gasp

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I replaced the equivalent of floor in a code base and I was surprised it didn't break. Yet.

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C++: The project is now led by university research comitee optimizing essays/second and consists 1k lines of template hieroglyphs.

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Until you would have to replace a HDD: +23 hours of nerve racking RAID repair time for 10TB drive at 120MB/s Even with some advanced (like ZFS etc.) system you can't go around the fact the HDDs are slow.

And when the HDD fails, you can't read it. It's toast. Some cheap non-volatile memory devices are like this too, but good ones go into read-only mode and you can at least attempt data recovery from them if no better option is left.

I'm liking that it is possible get cheap+good 1TB NVMe devices for less than 100€. The consumer SATA market for large SSDs (capacity over 1TB) is unfortunately quite dry. I need replacement for HDDs and even if the speed is capped by SATA bus it would be an massive improvement.

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Itse olin myös sen +10v löyhässä hirressä, mutta terveyden huolto petti lupauksensa ja kiskaisi mut mäkeen:

"ei kannata hoitaa koska potilas liian huonossa kunnossa, että voitaisiin toteuttaa hoito joka oikeesti auttaisi"

Nyt olen sitten paikallisen arvauskeskuksen vaiva ja sain Kela Black cardin^tm^, mutta hintana oli myydä oma tulevaisuus.

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It gets more cursed the more you look at it:

  • you have to convert the coordinate axes (swap z,x,y)
  • then you find out the right/left handed is flipped
  • now your brain melts if you even try think how to solve this with transformation/rotation, what ever.
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I have nothing to add.

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