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Well, after some very obscure search over internet, I found something that solves my issue (maybe yours too in case you want to install packages as user).

If you use Lubuntu (I don't know whether it works on other distributions), you have to go to the folder /home/[youruser]/.local/share/flatpak/repo/. There is a file there called config. Open it, and write something like this:


[remote "flathub"]

(By the way where it says true, I set it as false, thinking that was my issue).

Now, when I install OBS Studio as user, it lets me.

PS: if GPG verification is set as true, make sure you downloaded the flathub.gpg file from the repo and copied it to your local folder as flathub.trustedkeys.gpg and flathub-beta.trustedkeys.gpg

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What am I doing wrong?

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BlindIRL seems niche, but he has more than 50.000 subscribers.

His next live streaming.

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Only at reddit? Take a look at lemmy.ml or lemmygrad.ml.

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Why do people keep calling him Prime Minister when he's clearly President?

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TIL lemmygrad.ml is right wing.

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Especially when there are rumours about Putin wanting to invade Narva region in Estonia. Will NATO stand with Estonia no matter what, or will NATO start acting for once?

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Me: Finally I have my ADHD under control, I feel so good.
My ASD: Hold my beer.

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President Pedro Sánchez announced on Monday that he will continue to lead the Spanish government, after five days of speculation about his future.

Last week, Sánchez announced that he would cancel all his official engagements after a court opened an initial investigation into his wife, Begoña Gómez, over accusations of influence peddling.

Sánchez, who has been in power since 2018, called the accusations a harassment campaign orchestrated by right-wing media.

“My wife and I know that this smear campaign will not stop, we have been suffering from it for 10 years,” Sánchez said. “We can handle it,” he added.

His decision last week to take time away from office to reflect on whether he would continue to lead the government came as a surprise even to people in his own Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE).

The accusations against Begoña Gómez were presented by the organization Manos Limpias, led by a man linked to the extreme right named Miguel Bernad.

The complaint

The complaint admitted by a court in Madrid against Begoña Gómez states that "taking advantage of her relationship with the president of the government, she would have recommended or endorsed by letter of recommendation with her signature to businessmen who bid for public tenders."

The document also points out that one of the companies that obtained public funds organized years later a master's degree in a university program that she directs and that another of them, the airline Air Europa, agreed to allocate funds for an innovation center in Africa that was also charge of Sánchez's wife.

When the complaint was made known, the president assured that his wife will defend herself in court against "facts as apparently scandalous as they are inconsistent."

On Thursday, the Madrid prosecutor's office asked that the investigation be archived due to lack of evidence.

Manos Limpias also acknowledged that the allegations could be incorrect because they were based on online newspaper articles, one of which has already been proven false.

Manos Limpias has gained notoriety by filing judicial complaints about alleged cases of political corruption that have frequently ended up being archived.

In his speech on Monday, which lasted about 10 minutes, Sánchez thanked the messages of support he received, which, he said, weighed on his decision to continue in the government.

He also ruled out that his five-day “reflection” period was a strategy. He noted that he decided to stop out of “conviction”, in order to change the course of politics in Spain.

And he said: “It's about deciding what kind of society we want to be. Our country needs this reflection. We have been letting mud contaminate our public life for too long.”

Sánchez emphasized that his decision "is not a full-stop."

"It's a paragraph, I guarantee it."

If Sánchez had resigned, he would have become the first president to leave office in the middle of a term since 1981, when Adolfo Suárez did so.

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The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Wednesday the suspension of his public activities to consider his possible resignation from office after a Madrid court accepted a complaint against his wife, Begoña Gómez, for a possible traffic crime. of influences.

In an open letter to citizens, Sánchez stated: “I need to stop and reflect. "I urgently need to answer the question of whether it is worth it, whether I should continue leading the Government or give up this honor."

The leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) attributes the complaint against his wife to “an operation of harassment and demolition” of the “right and extreme right” with the aim of making him “faint politically and personally by attacking” his wife.

And he points to his opposition rivals on the right of the political arc, the leader of the conservative Partido Popular, Alberto Núñez-Feijoo; and the far-right Vox, Santiago Abascal, as “necessary collaborators” of a campaign that seeks to “dehumanize and delegitimize the political adversary through complaints that are as scandalous as they are false.”

Sánchez assured in the letter that she published on her X social network account that she "lives helplessly with the mud that is spread over her day in and day out" and announced that she will appear next Monday to announce her decision regarding her continuity in the post.

The content of the complaint

The complaint admitted by the Investigative Court Number 41 of Madrid against Begoña Gómez states that, "taking advantage" of her relationship with the President of the Government, she would have recommended or endorsed by letter of recommendation with her signature to businessmen who bid for public tenders." .

The letter also points out that one of the companies that obtained public funds organized years later a master's degree in a university program that she directs and that another of them, the airline Air Europa, agreed to allocate funds for an innovation center in Africa that was also at the same time. charge of Sánchez's wife.

The Spanish president assured that his wife will defend herself in court against “facts that are as apparently scandalous as they are inconsistent.

The complaint was filed by the Colectivo de Funcionarios Públicos Manos Limpias, an organization often involved in controversy because its founder is a former far-right militant and which has gained notoriety by filing judicial complaints about alleged cases of political corruption that have frequently finished archived.

In the case of Begoña Gómez, the investigating judge Juan Carlos Peinado has so far limited himself to ordering the opening of proceedings and summoning as witnesses the directors of the media that have disseminated the journalistic publications on which the complaint is based, some with an editorial line very critical of the Pedro Sánchez government.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, leader of the Partido Popular, the main opposition force, accused Sánchez of “dereliction of duties” for announcing that he is taking a few days until Monday to decide whether to continue in office.

"If you have nothing to fear, why don't you explain?" Feijóo asked him, who also reproached him for what he considered an attempt to "victimize" himself.

The support of the independentists

Hours before Sánchez's letter was made public, the PP had demanded explanations from him in Parliament, to which the president of the government responded by saying that "on a day like today and after the news that I have learned, despite everything I continue believing in the justice of my country".

Spanish media reported that Sánchez had left Parliament this Wednesday heading to his Madrid residence visibly upset.

Sánchez's decision to suspend his public events comes at a tense time for the PSOE, ahead of the European Parliament elections in June and elections in the Catalonia region next month.

Sánchez was precisely due to participate this Thursday in the start of the socialists' campaign in Barcelona ahead of the Catalan elections on May 12.

The Spanish president managed to be sworn back into office a few months ago with the support of two Catalan separatist parties, which agreed to give him their votes in exchange for an amnesty for those accused and convicted of the independence process in Catalonia that culminated in a referendum of independence in October 2017.

Without the support of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) and Junts per Catalunya (JxCat), he would not have been able to remain in power.

Opposition parties are outraged by the amnesty, which also means that former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont can run in the May 12 elections, seven years after he escaped from justice by moving to Belgium.

Puigdemont still faces a terrorism case, but believes the amnesty will allow him to return to Spain.

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I don't know what that has something to do with what I asked, honestly.

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I'm not allowed to take ADHD stimulants.

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Just what the title says. I'm taking atomoxetine since 13 months, and this week will be my first psychological session. I've severe ED issues, to the point I can't do almost anything productive (including meditation itself), no matter how much I want to.

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Firing doesn't exist in public service. Suspension of job and payment does, but only under circumstances specified in the law, which is not the case.

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If Budapest does not want a war, the tell your puppeteer Putin to leave Ukraine alone.

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A 49-year-old man has been arrested. Imanol Pradales leaves the hospital and attends the debate on Basque television with the other six candidates for 'lehendakari'

A person has attacked the PNV lehendakari candidate, Imanol Pradales, with pepper spray. The attack took place after seven thirty in the afternoon this Tuesday, when Pradales was leaving the rally he had given in the Biscayan town of Barakaldo to go to the ETB headquarters. Pradales has been treated at the Cruces hospital and is currently heading to Basque public television, where he plans to participate starting at 10:15 p.m. tonight in the electoral debate with the rest of the candidates for the Lehendakaritza.

The attack on Pradales was recounted at the beginning of his speech by the president of the PNV EBB, Andoni Ortuzar, at that same electoral event. As he explained, when the lehendakari candidate "was leaving to prepare for the ETB debate, a person approached him and sprayed him with pepper spray and they had to take him to Cruces to clean his eyes."

The Ertzaintza, minutes later, confirmed that the attack was carried out by a 49-year-old man who is in custody. The individual threw pepper spray at Pradales when he was going to get into the car that was going to take him to the Basque television headquarters in Bilbao, next to the San Mamés football field. A companion of Pradales has also been affected by the attack and has required medical assistance.

Although Ortuzar has called to "not worry" about Pradales' condition, he has shared his concern about these events with the supporters present at the rally. "We don't know what it is, but in any case, I think that this type of behavior, this type of events, has to lead us as a society to reflect on whether all of this that we are experiencing, of stretching, of tension, of creating division , to create tension, is the way for a society like the Basque one. Of course, in the opinion of the PNV, no, that is not our way," he stated.

The PP candidate for Lehendakaritza, Javier de Andrés, has expressed his "most resounding and energetic condemnation" of the attack suffered by his electoral rival. "The condition of Imanol Pradales is pending after the pepper spray attack of which he was a victim this afternoon. I trust that he will be perfectly well as soon as possible. My most resounding and energetic condemnation," Javier de Andrés wrote on social networks.

The President of the Government has expressed himself in the same sense. "I want to convey all my support and solidarity to Imanol Pradales. In democracy there is no room for aggression. Never. To anyone. I wish him to recover soon so that I can continue with the final stretch of the electoral campaign," Pedro Sánchez wrote in a message distributed on social networks.

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In the internal promotion of the Higher Corps Cadastral Management has eliminated 34 topics, and in Medical Inspectors the reduction has also reached free access

lemmy.rule (media.kbin.social)
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Experts removed a heart tumor that put the lives of the 28-week gestating infant and her mother at risk.

It is the first time that an intervention of this type has been performed in Spain on such a small baby.

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The new president was a councilor since 2021 at the proposal of the PSOE and has dedicated most of her professional life to research and teaching in audiovisual matters.

After a day and a half of battle, the final result is that the left retains that key position and that the dismissed, Elena Sánchez, manages to get her two opponents, José Pablo López and Alfonso Morales, to leave RTVE

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The number of daily smokers in Spain decreases every year and some countries are already legislating their progressive illegalization. However, new forms of consumption such as vaping show that there is still a long way to go.

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Hello. I was diagnosed with ADHD one year ago already (I was 35 back then), but since then I'm only with medical treatment, in other words, with medication. This medication can keep my ADHD symptoms under control, at a degree. But it does absolutely nothing against my executive dysfunction and my focus issues, and I don't have proper tools to handle my ADHD.

On a Discord server someone told me to look for therapists that do online sessions from third world countries for ADHD people, but I don't know where to look for them, and I don't know whether they're actual therapists or random scammers either. I live in Spain (pointing that out in case you try to push your US narrative), and a psychologists charges between 40 € and 60 € per session, being one session per week. And I can't afford spending 160 €/240 € per month when I don't even have a job.

Does anyone can give me some advice or recommendations, or webpages where I can look for someone?

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