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I've removed pretty much every moderator besides the one who replied to my post the other day and the new one I've added this week.

  • If you're one of the former moderators that was removed and want to be added back, again, reply here. I tagged you all 4-5 days ago and received no replies so I've assumed you have all either moved on from LW or do not want to moderate here any longer.

  • If you're a user here that has time to clean up shitposts, off-topic nonsense, and keep threads clean(ish) feel free to reply.

For the time being stream links are still allowed to be posted until I get cracked down on by someone else for it, so whoever is added you are not required to delete these at this time.

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Over the past week or two, I've been discussing merging this community with c/world. The intents and purposes of both of these communities are essentially the same, and we don't really see a reason to divide that community rather than just put it all under one roof.

We're open to any and all opinions on this, and nothing is set in stone so please feel free to reply candidly.

Please speak up especially if you feel like:

  1. You wouldn't like this for really any reason

  2. You feel this community already serves a different purpose

  3. You feel this community could serve a different purpose, and include what changes you'd like to see to meet that goal.

I work with the head mod of c/world, @[email protected], on c/NFL and talk to him regularly, we're both pretty much on the same page about everything and moderate communities in a similar manner, so if your only reservation would be possible stricter or different moderation, I hope that alleviates some of the concern. All of the mods from here would also be welcome to join over there if we do merge.

Game Threads (self.nba)
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Hey everyone, welcome back.

Between the end of last season and now we had a bot that was working for gamethreads, but it's since stopped working and the owner is not really interested in getting it working again.

If anyone is capable of setting up another bot or has a working bot for game threads please contact me.

If not, I am looking to add moderators that are willing and able to get up game threads (and moderate them if needed).

On c/nfl we tried threads for every game and it simply isn't populated enough to have that many threads and everyone decided to just do a Thursday/Sunday/Monday thread. What does everyone think about maybe a weekly thread for all of the games or would you prefer game threads for each individual game? (if you check NFL and see an "NFL bot" account posting the game threads, it was supposed to be a bot, but we couldn't get it going and log in and post them manually from it).

Edit - And lastly, obviously, part of the point in modding whoever posts these is so that they can be pinned by the poster.

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For those that don't want to click the link or are too lazy to click:

  1. TJ Watt - 94.9

  2. DeForest Buckner - 93.7

  3. Jalen Carter - 90.5

  4. Myles Garrett - 90.3

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Toney gonna be on Mahomes shit list for that

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I don't know where he would get a ring.

He clearly still wants a pretty big role in the offense wherever he is, and has now quit on 3 teams in a row. I'm not sure why any contender with a good culture would want to add that. It's not like he's some incredible spot-up shooter that could fall back into a primarily 3-point guy, his career percentages are drastically better off the dribble. It's not like you're adding the corpse of Steph Curry here, who would presumably still be able to launch 3s at a high % clip.

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I am dead inside. Thank goodness baseball and football can hold my attention through February without worrying about the dumpster fire Sixers

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We encourage people to do this for Fox News links.

While Fox News isn't actively blacklisted at this time, our stance is that we do prefer other sources/outlets if the same story is available. As I mentioned in another comment, we read both of these articles and they contain basically the same content, so we left this post up, and that is basically how these posts are being evaluated at this time (checking to make sure they aren't misleading/reporting incorrect information).

Also as mentioned in my other comment, we do also understand that a lot of users do not want to click Fox News links and support them, so I do also encourage people to post links to other outlets in the comments so users can still read the article if they choose to do so.

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Any recommendations will be taken into consideration, weekly threads, daily threads, etc.

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Free talk thread to discuss what you’ve been watching and ask for recommendations. Be sure to tag spoilers.

Moderators wanted (self.worldnews)
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If you're interested in moderating and growing this community please comment below!

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I've received numerous reports on this post now, and I'm doing my best to leave it up. Please refrain from personally insulting people here (i.e. the post title and update). Still leaving it up for now.

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It has nothing to do with "wrongthink" and everything to do with very blatant transphobia, which is not welcome in this community nor is it welcome on the lemmy.world instance as a whole if you checkout the instance wide rules.

[-] Hurts 19 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Locking this, getting reports on about 95% of the comments that come in for transphobia.

Please remember the rules about bigotry when commenting.

[-] Hurts 12 points 10 months ago

Was expecting more like 50+

[-] Hurts 9 points 10 months ago

I've defended myself in comment replies but I guess I'll address the post directly as well.

Kind of shitty to wake up and see this and a whole thread shitting on me, when I've done nothing but try to seed and build communities here. Any communities that have gained traction I've gladly accepted new moderators for (see c/nba, c/nfl, c/news, c/baseball), as well as stepped down as the head moderator at c/conservative.

The literal only action I've taken as a moderator at c/conservative before this morning was reapproving comments that were removed for no reason besides disagreeing, and messaging that moderator and telling them that isn't how we will be doing things, which is because I don't intend to ever cultivate an echo chamber. See here to view the message

To automatically assume that I have no LGBTQ+ affiliation or some insidious agenda is nothing short of slanderous and disingenuous. I have already personally stated that I am gay multiple days ago when one of the commentators on c/news attempted to call me out for this. See here for the comment chain.

I have not rejected a single person that has requested to moderate any community that I started/seeded, and have already passed off ownership of one community out of the 5-6 that actually gained a bit of traction. The only thing I'm doing here is attempting to fill this site with content and keep any personal moderator bias' aside whether that is from myself or the people I appoint as moderators within the community. Here is a screenshot of messages I exchanged with a user from c/news yesterday, where I again explicitly state I prefer the posts to come from sources that aren't incredibly biased in either direction.

I have stated in another comment that I am very centrist. I am not passionate towards either of the main US political parties more than the other, and I think that quite frankly makes me more fit than most of the people here to moderate these communities as I won't curate echo chambers.

Starting an entire thread to brigade and witch-hunt someone that is trying to prop this site up and provide content and communities from Reddit to ease the transition is a great way to quickly ruin this site. The fact that an admin at 2am EST intervened on a community because it upset some users for having different views and handpicked a moderator doesn't bode well in my thinking that this site would be any different than Reddit.

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Also posts/comments that are off-topic or break server/community rules should be removed

This creates an echo chamber. If they break rules, that's a different story, but removing "off-topic" comments is too broad of a statement and could lead to mere disagreements/differing opinions being removed, which I don't agree with.

Edit - And I'm just getting around to the flood of spam posts, I'll add rules and clean it up. I am basically only on from 7am-6pm EST and most of this happened overnight.

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I don't think anyone wants to give James Harden a max contract at this point.

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