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Can't forget the intermediate step of PHP 9: PHP borrow checker

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I haven't tried SC2 in a while but I seem to recall it working fine for me a few years ago. Dunno. Lutris has good details on the website for tons of stuff, no idea what that looks like for SC2 tho

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PHP has gotten really good over the past few versions, actually. Lots of really great stuff has been added, it feels like it resembles rust more every release lol

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POL is still around, it's just not quite as user friendly as Lutris. I use Lutris for Battle.net games and older titles where I have a physical disk. Easier than trying to add them to steam IMHO.

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I've not distro hopped in ages, ever since I found my one true love arch btw

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I like the art style and shading. Very fun little demo.

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You can add non steam games to steam and it'll run them via proton, can be pretty effortless in most scenarios. Otherwise, you can install Lutris and there's a significant chance there'll be an entry for how to run the game you want

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Always fail soft in underlying code and hard in user space IMHO

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Thankfully lots of upcoming vehicles will be adopting the Tesla charging standard (it's better).

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One more reason Picard is better

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Their recognition doesn't change the fact that it's in the public domain

Anyone else at Laracon? (programming.dev)
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Just curious! I drove 6 hours to get here, and there are apparently tons of folks in the hotel I'm staying at here for the same.

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Jerboa is fine, but... Man, I have missed the slickness and features of Sync.

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