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I've just bought a Samsung T7 Shield SSD and the connection is fairly loose. I've seen people complaining about theirs being very loose to the point where it would just get disconnected with normal movements. In my case it is not as severe, as regularly it doesn't seem to come off and, for example, when connected to my phone I can move it around and even hang it from my phone with no support.

However, the connection is much looser than my phone's and my other SSD's (a Corsair EX100U) USB C connection. Even wiggling it with next to no strength is enough to make it pop off, while this never happens with the other devices.

As I said, in my short testing it doesn't seem to come off with what I would consider "normal circumstances" (moving the phone around a bit, or moving my laptop to a different place with the SSD connected), though I don't know if it'll get worse and how much worse. So I'm wondering if it's worth to ask for a replacement.

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What kind of a braindead comment is this? The only reason they refused is because they wanted to get paid even though it was an emergency.

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The (untasteful) joke is about the whole community being negative. Quite different from just the "mean ones". Plus, as I said, the vast majority of the comments were either neutral, positive or respectful opinions.

You are going to find a couple of trolls and douches on every community, doesn't mean the whole community should look like asshats on a meme because of that.

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I saw that post and most of the people were being quite nice and even supportive of the idea. After going back and reading most, if not all, of the comments, the vast majority were either neutral, supportive or gave good criticism in a nice manner.

I wonder why are you blowing this out of proportion. Some of your replies don't even make sense given the comment you reply to.

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I'll play a sad song on the smallest violin. Many people lose their entire lives to shitty jobs, he is out of touch.

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The only thing I want is proper support for desktop addons on mobile.

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I this case, they are probably suffering from success. Shitty manufacturing and unrepairability aside, the M macbooks are the first competent macbooks in quite a while, so most people probably bought the first versions and now they have no desire to upgrade, because why would they? I have an M1 Pro and aside from gaming performance there is absolutely no reason for me to upgrade.

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Not necessarily a fanboy, but still incredibly naive to think that Elon has an actual plan to help people with these things rather than doing good ol' Elon stuff which is experimenting with shit he does not understand just because it looks cool and makes him look like the Iron Man of real life. And while doing so, he is also torturing animals. Great!

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Because religion is still the brainwashing machine that set it in motion.

Saying that it's all because religion and not blaming the father is stupid, but so is ignoring the importance of religion as a control tool.

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Samsung has its own "Smart Tags". They should be better than Tile, since they rely on the Galaxy network and many more people have Samsung phones than Tile devices, but it'd be nice if Google released one compatible with all Android devices, instead of being stupidly tied to a specific brand.

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I wouls just add that it's all about making profits and increasing them year per year, but always focusing on the short term. To the CEOs, shareholders and other directives, it doesn't matter if the company goes bankrupt 10 years from now, as long as they suck in all the profits they can now.

Even if the company is very successful, with a very good product(s) and they could just go into easy-ride mode continuing to provide those products. They only want to make as much money as quickly as possible and once they get their hands on the company, the enshitification for the sake of quick profits ensues.

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Kiwi broswer already does it, same with the Orion browser for iOS

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Too much text to just say that they are doing their own NFTs

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