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Exactly one pizza place I've worked at (pre online ordering) had an adjustable delivery charge based on mileage that went entirely to the driver. However that was a Mom and Pop shop so it doesn't count for this conversation about corporate pizza.

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Most office jobs are done as or more efficiently by workers at home so we should downsize office real estate. This frees up a lot of space for affordable housing and encourages office workers to stay in their suburban communities, thus reducing congestion.

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At most corporate pizza places only a fraction of the delivery charge goes to the driver. My job, for example, charges $4.99 for delivery and gives the drivers $0.60.

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Breen acquired the sample that created the cascade. Freeman was a stooge.

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Breen knows. He was the one who acquired the sample from G-Man. Breen probably takes credit for the resonance cascade and says he did it for his bosses in the Combine.

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The people responsible for this need to be arrested and tried in the Hague.

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Sounds Republican

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He also has the power to order special forces to kidnap people and send them to blacksite prisons for being threats to national security. Just sayin'

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So you're saying Biden should start abusing his new powers, maybe by eliminating certain lifetime appointees?

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Love that they're using American munitions to do it. /s (in case that wasn't clear)

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I honestly wouldn't know because they clean that shit up at 9:30.

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The pandemic is over, we lost the fight and now it's endemic like influenza.

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