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Agree. But I'm going to assume both are happening:

  1. He didn't have the whole story
  2. Neither do we.

I bet there are western special ops forces or contractors operating in Gaza, ostensibly hunting Iranian assets. I doubt they would risk the global pr explosion of using any non Israelis to conduct the policing and harassing tasks we are seeing. Deaths from which are genocidal in Nature)

I'm not justifying any of it, and I'm not absolving the US of contributing to a genocide in Gaza. I just bet they are using the chaos to go hunting.

So, if any of my assumptions are right, it could have been misreported to him. Or it wasn't that and he deemed our known-public support of Israel's ongoing genocidal actions as sufficient to motivate his protest.

The US doesn't care about Gaza, ( I mean this both ways: they wouldn't take the time to conduct this genocide themselves, but also don't care about the civilian welfare damn near enough). But they absolutely do care about what Iran is up to and would not hesitate to hunt Iranian agents or connections in an "open" area.

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A fair point, but even though we assume time and space are massive, there is an ordering to things.

There is a day before a civilization decides to kill it's neighbors, and a day after.

We can assume the state of things (big old space should have had that plot arc already) but we can't know if we are still in the opening episode, or before it.

Regarding general silence, agree that is not answered by my discussion. I personally lean more towards x factors disturbing our assumptions. (I.e. long running biospheres with zero advancement to radio age) but I increasingly wonder if we are just early to the party, as egotistical as that sounds. Imagine that the civilization that will one day rule the galaxy / universe is just now figuring out how to make a basic tool?

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"manager, person_a and person_b are the reviewers on my time sensitive PR. I'm blocked. You are aware of everyone's priorities, can you indicate prioritization of tasks and delegate how we should act?"

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Be sure to call out in standup

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Uh there's a lot to learn from Marcus Aurelius but I wouldn't look to him for unwavering compassion.

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I know this is all hypothetical, but remember they may have the ability, but haven't reached the cultural moment, where they have the interest. That could be any random moment now or in the future too

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Western military industrial complex:

Really? Can we start now?

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Unfortunately, imagine if you picked the other dude. We'd be directly commiting it.

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But this time you're grouchy

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Watterson is a treasure.

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That ain't pep. That ain't black, isort, flake8 goodness.

Just delete it it does nothing of value, install those extensions as commit reqs and they'll fix it on push lol

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If airplane mode really mattered they wouldn't let you even have a device

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Just seems like everything is "this company did this to their employees" and less about "this novel messaging protocol offers these measured pros and cons." Or similar

And yes, I could post things, but I'm referring to what hits the top, 12h.

Can anyone rec communities with less of a biz and politics and wfh vs in-office vibe?

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