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Google still works in languages other than English, like my workaround has been to just search in Estonian and I'll usually actually get better results and like zero AI content (AI sucks at Estonian, can't even get grammar right). So if you wanna use Google learn an obscure language.

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How are contracts like this enforceable in the US? Like here you could have a clause like that but the moment you try to sue someone for working at a competitor the judge would just laugh at you and throw your ass out of court. You can't have just anything in a contract, just like if a contract breaks employment laws then it's not valid.

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I wish my country's government had the testacles to cap prices on food. I order food mostly online and I compared prices from 2 years ago and most things are at least 200% more expensive, cheese for example is like 600% though.

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I my experience the people running large companies are idiots who got their position by brown nosing the right people so it doesn't really surprise me. Google is pretty well known too for coming up with stupid ideas they scrap in a few years

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Pretty much the entire game of Shadowrun: Hong Kong revolves around Kowloon Walled city and it's one of my favourite games.

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At this point they could have but a giant brown bear in charge of twitter. Gave it free reigns to eat whoever it likes and twitter would still be more successful and have a less damaged brand. Like is Elon actively trying to run it into the ground?

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Yup. Also shot the anarchists, that worked with them and wanted democracy, in the back of the head during a meeting, The USSR then also did imperialism in their neighboring countries, deported a ton of people from those countries to death camps in siberia and allied with the nazies dividing Europe in their treaty

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I'm from an ex soviet country and I can tell you that the people who miss it are the ones who got free apartments and property from people who were kidnapped and sent to the soviet death camps in siberia. I have not met anyone else who misses that time when you had to live in constant fear being deported and worked to death and when your culture and language was basically criminalised.

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The worst one is when it only supports up to like 16 characters but doesn't tell you so it will only use the first 16 characters and ignore the rest. The next time you need to enter it and get the 64 character password from your password manager it will just say it incorrect and you're left with no idea on why it's wrong.

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Cars are incredibly inefficient at transporting people though, like you need a massive highway to transport the amount of people a train can transport, not to mention how much higher maintenance roads are compared to train tracks.

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You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason into.

Like the only way to deradicalize someone has been if someone close to them IRL talks to them or if some figure that radicalized them got absolutely embarassed publically for their views. Social media has done nothing but radicalized these people further.

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Buying some bitcoin when it was around 300 euros. A couple of years ago I needed surgery that wasn't available in my country so the national insurance only covered it around 50% in another country and that bitcoin basically saved my life.

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