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And good old Bard's Tale. :)

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There's no way they didn't get phone calls about this.

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I mean, you're not wrong.

The sad thing about the 99% of voters who always vote partisan is that their feelings on any given issue are largely due to political convenience.

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This is definitely bad, but it's also 100% a both sides issue.

Why do you think it costs half a million dollars (at least) to get five minutes with the candidate at one of the national conventions?

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I'm a big fan of the improvised weapon feat.

I hope she got him in the throat.

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You're not wrong.

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My parents, sadly, were very irresponsible with their money, but it's insane to me that we have 100+ billionaires in this country and we're just letting people die left and right whose lives can be saved.

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Milo is 1000% a good boi.

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I love it.

Scramble it all. I'd do the same if I hadn't deleted mine a year ago.

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There's a set of Henry's armor hanging out at the Met as well. I was pleasantly surprised to bump into it en route to see the gaudy-as-hell frame they put on Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Since we can't meet Henry himself, meeting one of his suits of armor is the next best thing. It wasn't nearly as fat as the paintings would suggest.

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Like keep in mind I'm in a state that has not only criminalized abortion but is defunding all planned parenthoods now.


2/3 of the states will follow in another year. That's what happens when we elect people no matter how badly they do their jobs.

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Just another example of something that could be universal if we taxed the rich appropriately.

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FLINT—Eight days after entering the world, Khi’Meir Taylor made another debut — this time in what could be a national spotlight.

Wednesday was the first day of a $55 million experiment to test whether cash payments can protect children from the toxic stress of poverty.

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At least, she is in her own little world. :)

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I just thought it would be cool to put this out there. The Satellites featured several local skaters from Fountain City Roller Derby: Tiff (a former Team USA skater), Mel Malice, Aneeda Hurtcha, Annie Maul, and Queen of Hurts. As if that wasn't cool enough, Olympic Gold Medalist Erin Jackson was also skating for the Satellites.

Pretty. Effing. Rad.

If you're interested in checking out roller derby, you can find more info on

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Hola Kansas City. This week is game one of all-gender season at Fountain City Roller Derby. Here are the details:

Location: Olahrama Skating Rink Date Time: Saturday, June 24 at 6:30 PM. Doors open at 6:00. Tickets: $15 for adults. Kids 17 and under are free. Food: The snack bar will be open or you can bring in your own drinks and snacks for a $10 cooler fee, no glass allowed.

I promise we'll skate our hearts out for you.

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Personally, my favorite is the Viking of Stamford Bridge. The thought that one man taking out 40 English soldiers and completely altering history in one epic fight is just awesome, and no one recorded his name.

They just gave him a kickass title instead.


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This is the picture I like to show artists when they hate their stuff after a single layer of work, because I hate all of my stuff after a single layer of work, but it's important to remember it's a process.

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