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Which is a big part of the problem. But not all Netherlands cities are super dense, many have suburbs serviced by transit and with cycling paths. When they were built they considered transit and cycling access when they built them.

There is also the issue of land use. Many of those cities have looser zoning laws than the states which makes it easier for stores to open near peoples homes and scattered throughout the city rather than having to go to a massive commercial district with walmart and 5 other big box stores in a wasteland of parking.

No one is saying a tiny farming town of 500 people needs high speed rail but cities into the 100s of thousands of people can certainly support a transit network, and many did before their trams were ripped out and their right of way given to cars.

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The new york city subway is often faster than driving. Many cities in the Netherlands have faster transit or cycling times than driving due to careful planning and priority. Japan has high speed rail connecting many of its cities, most trains going faste than highway speeds, some doubling or even tripling highway speeds.

Also north america was founded on trains. If we could build trains 100 years ago we can build better ones now.

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All of those issues could be fixed by building around transit being the prioirty instead of the car. Some cities actually have transit that is faster than a car because transit gets priority at intersections and can take a more direct route.

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The majority of trips people make are within their own city/local region. Thats where transit should be implemented first. Your country is not "too big" for transit

If your country is too big for transit, it is certainly too big for all sorts of sensors and such in the roads to assist autonmous driving.

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Or just buld a tram that rides on rails. More effecient and no need to over engineer an autopilot system

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I don't want to waste any more tax money trying to make one of the least effecient modes of transport more autonomous. Just build an electricrfied tram if thats what you want.

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People voted a guy in on electoral reform and nearly a decade later, he hasn't delivered on that promise. I don't think thats an issue with people "wanting everything". A lot of us just want what was promised and to be able to afford to live without financial stress again.

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And build high speed electrified transit to reduce transportation emissions

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Okay but forty and fourty are pronunced the same way. And I'm sure fivety wouldn't sound funny if thats how we started off.

Edit: and seventy, eighty, ninety all use their original number spelling.

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To be fair, it is kinda dumb that four has a U, but forty doesn't.

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Many Canadians i talk to don't care about climate change cause they want longer summers and hotter weather and would be happy to never see winter again. If you don't like winter, move somewhere it doesn't happen, some of us enjoy all the seasons Canada has to offer.

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All the "self driving" cars are trying to evolve into proper trams and railways


I've been having some minor issues with comments. Once a comment thread gets longer than 3 or 4 comments, accesing those deeper comment chains becomes very inconsistent/impossible. The "view more" button to see the rest of the comments will sometimes just disappear or do nothing when pressed. When accessing deep threads from my inbox or profile it will start at the top of the comment thread and fail to load/access the deeper comments, including the comment I used to navigate to that thread. Has anyone else had similar issues or found solutions?


The past couple updates whenever I'm browing "all" with sort set to "hot" the first few pages of scrolling is accurate but then it turns to posts that are 6months-2years old. This is only after 1-2 minutes of scrolling. Has anyone else had this issue?

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