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In a way it's like the concept of files and programs from the desktop world. Each type of content would have an agreed-upon structure and meaning, but is capable of being opened in different "apps" to view, edit, etc. In fact, you could literally implement it that way, which also allows you to do weird stuff like download content and save it on your own computer.

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"You will now give me $40,000"


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That was a fun lawsuit. I agree that it should be legally binding but that in that specific situation it could be interpreted as a "seen" reaction rather than an "I agree" reaction.

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The ๐Ÿ‘ reaction is just so useful

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I hate anti-ai mania as much as the next person but the post is funny and it does have a point.

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Such a reputable paper that's no doubt accepted dozens of ChatGPT papers by now. Wow, how prestigious!

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I've thought about this before, if every website had a data section with the raw data and a UI section that was capable of being swapped out. Like some sort of composable setup. I think it's a really promising idea and I even think a prototype wouldn't be too difficult to build. Although I do think that the context of where a post was made is important, and is carried intrinsically with the data in a screenshot.

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imo education is the single most important investment we can make, and we're failing in spectacular fashion.

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Supreme court time!

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I used my normal pronounciation on the first "data" so I guess the soft "a" data is fancier... which it is, I suppose. Still wrong though because I'm not British

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30% is NOT trivial lmao

Do you know what else decreases when the sun goes down? Power demand.

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In the past week or so, a LOT of new legislation (or, more accurately, policy changes from government entities) have gone through:

With the debatable exception of the TikTok ban, these are all really good changes! And they're all essentially happening at once. What's going on? Is this just election season? Is it just coincidence? Or is something else causing this?

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One of my favorites. All credit to the creator, Cooler Kenadian.

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Ruleminion War (lemmy.world)
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The rules can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qtfoeEz7tO4urumAdprA-nu6OOFYGZkjELYtzYY8Uvo/edit?usp=sharing

So far there is nothing else to keep track of, but this post will be updated to contain the latest information.

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As this game of Nomic is taking place in a nontraditional forum, the rules must change to reflect that and allow newcomers to join easily, while not blocking rule adoption if any players leave. As such, I propose that the game be altered to the following set of rules. They're a bit long and dry, but I need to ensure that this game doesn't get stuck. After the basics are out of the way, let's go propose some fun ones! :D

TL;DR for those who don't feel like reading the minutiae: You can make changes to the rules by making a post starting with "[Proposal]", and it takes effect after 24h if it has a score of more than 1; anyone who posts is a player; no multiaccounting.


  1. Emergency Actions If this game of Nomic reaches a state of emergency, such as being unresolvable, impossible to continue, impossible to end, or any other state that is considered unmaintainable and/or dead, the moderators of this subreddit may decide by majority vote (failing on ties) to modify the game in any way. This rule cannot be deleted, removed, nullified, ignored, modified, amended, overwritten, overridden, or otherwise rendered inoperable or irrelevant in its current form, other than by direct majority-vote moderator action, and continues to remain in effect even if the fundamental structure of the game changes or this rule is violated. This rule overrides all others and wins in all paradoxical situations, and other rules that violate it do not take effect.

  2. Structure of the Game This game of Nomic follows a list of rules, which will be kept in an easily accessible place. The list is numbered sequentially starting from zero. Rules may have a title. The list may contain additional formatting and/or text to improve its readability, but that cannot affect the rules.

  3. Players Any Fediverse account that has a non-deleted post or comment in this community is considered to be a player.

  4. Proposal Submissions Proposals may be submitted as top-level community posts with a title starting with "[Proposal]". Any account may vote on proposals, even if they are not a player. A proposal may create, update, or delete any number of rules, and may do multiple of those things at once. As long as the proposal is clear,

  5. Proposal Behavior Proposals may be withdrawn by deleting them, editing the post to begin with "[Withdrawn]", or otherwise indicating in the post itself that a proposal was withdrawn. After 24 hours, a proposal that has not been withdrawn either passes if it has a score (upvotes - downvotes) of more than 1, or fails if it does not. The proposal should be edited to begin with "[Passed]" or "[Failed]" respectively. Proposals should not be withdrawn after passing or failing, and withdrawing a passed proposal does not nullify its effects. A proposal that has passed takes effect immediately, and all parts of the proposal take effect simultaneously unless otherwise specified. Proposals may be edited before their time is up, but this resets the timer to 24 hours again. Edits after a proposal passes, fails, or is withdrawn do not take effect.

  6. Multiple Accounts Using multiple accounts in this game is forbidden. This includes for voting.

As these rules are only in effect once they pass, this proposal does not go through the full proposal process, and is only subject to approval of all players (ie. just me, until this passes). As such, it passes immediately. Welcome to all new players!

What is Nomic? (self.nomic)
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Nomic is a game in which the players change the rules. Researching Nomic will lead you to either the Wikipedia article explaining its creation and history, or to several websites from a decade or two ago of which half have been taken offline. The simplest form of Nomic is as follows (taken from one of those aforementioned sites): "All players must agree to any changes to the game."

Let this post mark the beginning of this sub's first or perhaps only game of Nomic, of which I am currently the only player. I have no idea where this will go, but I'm excited to find out!

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