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Usually you check this sort of thing before releasing it...

[-] FantasticFox 95 points 10 months ago

We waste intelligent minds on this rubbish when we are facing an existential crisis in climate change.

[-] FantasticFox 3 points 10 months ago

That's the same here too. My first apartment only had ADSL. In 2015.

I couldn't even watch Netflix without it stopping to buffer.

I really wish they would put internet speeds on apartment offers etc.

[-] FantasticFox 4 points 10 months ago

The biggest risks I see with AI are making misinfomation, scams etc. a lot easier.

I remember as a kid you knew that people could just make stuff up, but a photograph was fairly reliable. Then along came Photoshop and it was trivial to make convincing fake photographs.

AI is able to do this with audio, soon with full video (perhaps already?) - so then it becomes much harder to trust anything.

[-] FantasticFox 4 points 10 months ago

Yeah, that is true. I haven't tried VR yet but I remember the world before Google Maps and that was a dark time.

[-] FantasticFox 2 points 10 months ago

I lived in Germany for some months in University.

The trains there are amazing, it really feels like you can get just about anywhere by train. In Spain, we have good connections between major cities but you can't really use them to go on day-trips to places like the castles or the salt mines or whatever.

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Wow, that's pretty good for a town of that size. I live in a city of 1.6 Million. I think I might be able to get 1 gbps if I shop around, but I don't think much more than that is available to normal consumers at least.

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Yeah, those are examples of actually innovative private enterprise.

I don't have a problem with it being the private sector. But the problem is making a Twitter clone or a slightly better version of MySpace is barely innovating and certainly isn't going to significantly improve the world.

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Why does it say this post was made 3 years ago?

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I have 500Mbps in Spain. Is it that bad in the American cities or is it only like rural Montana that has these speeds?

[-] FantasticFox 7 points 10 months ago

They are on the side of the aliens.

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I guess it will be great in the wealthier countries. Here in Spain the reason EV's are incredibly rare is simply the cost.

And rather than making them more affordable the Government just makes ICE vehicles more expensive to use, which is almost a regressive tax on those too poor to afford an EV. Especially given in many areas it's not really optional given public transport may be unreliable or non-existent.

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I'm currently reading the Wool omnibus by Hugh Howey. It's pretty decent I've been making very rapid progress as it's been too hot to sleep here recently now the summer has arrived.

I haven't seen the Apple show, but maybe I'll watch it in the future when I've finished all the books (I had Shift and Dust as well).

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It's a common trope in sci-fi that Earth has a World Government and similarly the Aliens have only one government as well.

But in historical First Contact scenarios like the discovery of the New World the fact that the groups involved were not unified played a major role - think Cortes using the other groups to overthrow the Aztecs, or the various alliances that North American tribes had with different European powers.

Are there any books that deal with this scenario? Like I imagine that if First Contact happened at the height of the Cold War, there would be incredible fear about the other side being able to leverage the aliens for an advantage.

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Immersive games? (
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What are the most immersive games you have played?

I think mine are:

  • The Elder Scrolls
  • RDR2
  • Deus Ex (all of them)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4
  • GTA V (to a certain extent)
  • The Witcher 3

What recommendations do you have?

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I'm currently reading The Case for Space by Robert Zubrin and it's really good. You can tell the guy dedicated his career and life to really thinking about how humans might live in Space, whether that be on the Moon, Mars or in the Asteroid Belt.

I recently read Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoğlu and that was also very good, it explained the shortcomings of other theories such as the geographic determinism espoused by Jared Diamond in Guns, Germs and Steel although I think Why Nations Fail was a bit repetitive at times.

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I posted this on Reddit a while ago and it sparked some really good discussion and recommendations.

I really like The Expanse - as it doesn't just discuss the attempted terraforming of Mars and the colonisation of the Main Asteroid Belt but also

spoilerthe way that these communities decline when abundant habitable planets are discovered, where life is much easier.

So yeah, what are your best examples?

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What defederating would mean:

  • We won't see posts/comments on other instances.


  • There is less confusion, you can't respond to a user, thinking they will be able to see your response when in reality they cannot.


  • We won't be able to see any comments/posts on other instances, so we will miss out on some comment threads and posts. It could be good to be able to see them and interact with the other users there even though users won't see any of our content.


Overall, I think it is better not to defederate, but simply unsubscribe from all of their communities (and as we no longer get posts from their instance, with time these will cease to appear on our 'front page'). users already can't see our posts/comments anywhere so it's not like defederating would change their experience in any way, so it wouldn't really be retaliation and would just limit the content available to users.

What do you think?

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What are some great lesser-known games you've discovered via Game Pass?

I really liked Escape Academy and Supraland!

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Is it possible to block entire instances? I see I can block by user or community, but not by instance.

This would be useful as there are some instances based around politics etc. that I don't care about.

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