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Lol I pirated a game the other day just because the company was charging full price for a remaster.

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Article doesn't list a single charity or organization that she is "supporting". Just a vague "reproductive rights" name for the headlines. Launder it harder Melinda.

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Haven't seen Hikok45 in a hot ass minute. He still alive?

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"We don't have any competition for these Chinese EV's so our plan is to price the American public out of buying one even though we don't have any cheap alternative EVs in America. We are so fucked here. If we don't vote Biden we get straight up fascism if we vote for Biden we get a continued oligarchy. Great choices guys!

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Only farm fresh human blood swords for me and mine.

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Imagine a dutch rudder with Jesus man. Crazy.

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Last time i checked the penalty for treason is death.....

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Different company but the same dev tools and game engine.

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How's the mental illness going Lindsey? oh ok.

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CCP: Why isn't the US following their own rules?

US Gov: Why isn't China following their own rules?

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I think we are at the point were Journalists may need to have an armed security detail when operating in America.

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