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[-] Ekybio 5 points 2 weeks ago

Imagine being so abhorrent a human you need rape and incest to continue your lineage

Fascists are literally unfuckable

[-] Ekybio 11 points 2 weeks ago

I sometimes suspect the GOPs reason for doing so, is that once they allow abortion in these cases, their voterbase would dwindle even faster...

(This is a bad joke, but I would not be surprised at all, if some republican knows this is true and makes a logical, but monstrous decision, just to keep his hands a few more years onto power)

[-] Ekybio 6 points 2 weeks ago

Da die meisten Angriffe auf Politiker, von dem was ich jetzt weiß, von Rechten verübt werden, bin ich mal vorsichtig für eine solche Änderung.

Hab allerdings die Befürchtung das wird am Ende genutzt um linke Protestler zu gängeln.

[-] Ekybio 74 points 2 weeks ago

I cant wait for some conservative idiot to spin this in the worst possible way. Mixed in with some lies, whataubout-isms and straw-mans for a delicious disinformation-coktail!

[-] Ekybio 2 points 2 weeks ago

SPD oder Linke. Damit kann ich leben

[-] Ekybio 20 points 2 weeks ago

Und was ist mit den Jungen?

Ich hab ehrlicherweise keine Ahnung, was eine CDU jungen Menschen im Vergleich realistisch bieten kann.

Ein großer Teil der progressiven jüngeren Generationen wird sich wohl kaum an eine konservative Partei wenden, die dauernd der AfD in Wahlkampfpunten nachplappert. Und radikale junge Nazis wählen direkt den blauen Abfall.

Und es macht keine Mut, dass hier Leute auf den Wahlplakaten der CDU abgedruckt sind, die so aussehen, als wüssten sie sehr viel über Eugenik und versuchten krampfhaft nicht davon zu schwadronieren.

[-] Ekybio 11 points 3 weeks ago

Just like a regular brand one, because this is just an upsell on an otherwise mediocre product.

Its like an overpriced skin for a hero you never play

[-] Ekybio 15 points 3 weeks ago

Es ist echt immer wieder belastend sowas zu lesen.

Bei progressiven Demos von links wird die gesamte Polizeibelegschaft mobilisiert, aber wenn Nazis Menschen bedrohen sind alle schon wieder umgezogen und haben sich zu ihren pöbelnden Freunden gestellt.

Ich hoffe echt die Regierung startet schleunigst Untersuchungen in diese Richtung. Das Demonstranten die sehr offen sehr Links sind von der Polizei drangsaliert werden ist jetzt nicht neu. Aber das selbst Politiker auf öffentlichen Veranstaltungen nicht sicher vor den Matschbirnen sind ist ein anderes Ausmaß an Gewalt.

[-] Ekybio 43 points 3 weeks ago

Just a reminder...

[-] Ekybio 26 points 3 weeks ago

Das wäre ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung

Jetzt noch den Mindestlohn mit einem automatischen Inflationsausgleich versehen, damit das nicht jedes Mal ein Kampf um ein paar Centbeträge wird, oder FDP und Arbeitgeber blockieren können.

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After long discussion and frequent delays, the legalisation is finally here to stay.

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Took a long ass time, but at the 01.04.2024 weed will be legal in Germany!

(I hope posting of news is permitted in this case. If not, please remove)

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Please start your comments with the following question answered at the top:

"Will you vote for Biden in the 2024 election?" [Y/N]

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Im currently in the process of coming out! (At least to the people I trust. One step at a time ...)

So I would really like to know how it feelt for you when you embarked on that journey.

Im particularly interested in the emotional aspects of that and also how it affected your sense of self.

Especially in what happened the moment you accepted yourself.

Happy to hear your stories!

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An insightfull article on what pro-forced birth is actually about.

A reminder that voting GOP and wanting to reduce human suffering are mutually exclusive. The choice is yours.

Spoiler: Like always, it was never about the babies.

Old fashioned (
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Unpaywalled Version:

With increasing dogmatism on the far right, ideology that should have become extinct rears its ugly head. If we don't stop this, a lot of innocent people will get hurt in the end.

Making way for something new (
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One of the most influetial conservative polititians speakes up about the state of affairs.

Reaping what you sow (
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Neo-Nazis are increasingly gathering in Florida, while DeSantis fails again to denounce the open fascists in his state.

His complaicency and disregard will sooner or later be a detrement to every aspect of society and regular people will suffer the consequences, when jobs get moved out of state, investments dry up and qualified people flee for greener pastures.

War Machine Meatball (
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Just a reminder that this guy is a presidential candidate, while not ruling out literal acts of war.

Not the trading partner I would like dealing with ...

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Assuming Trump is legally removed from running for president under the 14th Ammendment, who even can fill his shoes?

All other potential candidates from the GOP Primary Debate are terrible at economics, optics or both. No one seems really electable, so what now? Switching to blue? Not voting at all? Vote third party? Retry Jan6?

From what I see, voting red is just not a solid choice if Trump is gone.

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Upvote: Yes

Downvote: No

Edit* Assuming he can legally run

Usefull Graphic (
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*Edit: I checked some of the stuff more out in detail. While some concepts on this are valid and backed up by sience, others like RSD are not. Use this as a springboard for learning, not as a valid source in itself. Yes it says so in the corner already. But spelling it out might help.

People are more complicated then a diagram from the internet. Never forget that.

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