[-] ENipo 4 points 6 months ago

Oh I really like this. I never had an alias for this since I need to do multiple backwards cds very rarely, but I might just copy this

[-] ENipo 71 points 7 months ago

Jellyfin has it too!

[-] ENipo 8 points 7 months ago

Starship is great! I use it with zsh

[-] ENipo 1 points 8 months ago

I've been a player for a few years and a dm for a few months now.

Hearing this as a player would completely kill my immersion and turn the campaign into an arcade game in my head. If you are allowed to say this, then I am allowed to hot reload when doing something stupid because having my pc die would throw out all of the work I've put into them and their back story.

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No file format will save you by itself since at the end of the day, xml, json, etc they are all plain text.

One solution would be to use some database (like sqlite if you are just doing things locally on your computer).

Another solution would be to have a single process that is responsible for writing the data, while all other processes send messages to it via a queue.

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Congratulations, now I want to compile perl out of curiosity

[-] ENipo 9 points 8 months ago

You are 100% right, that's why we use virtual environments. Specifically we use poetry, which is fine.

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I'm not the author of the project but this has nothing to do with copying files around. Instead it's a clipboard manager, meaning it's to add things to your clipboard and then paste them elsewhere. So an app to manage your ctrl-C - ctrl-v

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I could totally look this up, but for the sake of conversation: what consequences does the presence of microplastics have? I honestly don't know

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Otherwise everything feels like a waste of time; like I'm misssing out on something else, something better, while doing it.

This makes me think that the real issue isn't that your attention span is small and you get bored or can't pay attention, but that you can't "slow down" and enjoy what you are doing that moment and instead you keep thinking "I could be doing this, or that".

Seems to me like these are two different problems (mind you I'm not an expert or anything, just sharing an observation I made)

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ένα παιχνιδάκι που σκέφτηκα μεγάλωσε 10 φορές σε scope από όταν το ξεκίνησα

Το κλασικό πρόβλημα στο game dev, καλή τύχη με το παιχνίδι, και να θυμάσαι να προσπαθείς να το περιορίζεις ώστε να βγαίνει βήμα-βήμα. Αλλιώς πας για το επόμενο star citizen που θα παίξουν τα παιδιά μας

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