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A degree in fishery? Sounds fishy.

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I agree that Ukraine deserves way more than Israel, but there is some important difference that explains why there is no such defense possible.

First, there is a lot of friendly countries between Israel and Iran, which allowed the interception of the missiles in their airspace. As such, aircraft could intercept those missiles with close to no risks. Is it possible in Urkraine ? No it isn't.

Secondly Israel and Russia or both nuclear power, which Ukraine and Iran aren't. Intercepting those missile make US and allies cobelligerent, which they seem ok with as Iran cannot meaningfully hurt them. It the case of Russia, it will mean having a war between two nuclear "superpower", which mean a possible escalation toward whipping humanity, or at least a good chunk of it, from earth. No one can afford that.

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That's not something I know about, mind putting me in the loop?

In any case, I was sarcastic if that wasn't obvious. There is good people among anarchists, as well as among those who aren't. But not having rules make it way easier for the bad apples to get their way with it, as with them it requires a lot more investment and careful planing to break them.

Anarchism, like most other social organisation theory, isn't immune to mass manipulation, coercion, or similar techniques used by the few to impose their view and interest to the broader masses.

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Europa – Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Coming in 2024.

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Little Kitty, Big City – Release Date Reveal – Nintendo Switch

Releasing May 9

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That's quite the old game to review. I remember playing to it even before Stellaris launch.

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When your neighbor country has a gun problem and drug addiction problem, it is far too easy for drug cartels to smuggle guns from the US to Mexico.

Guns are not the problem by themselves. Who buys them is. That's why we talk about "gun control" advocates and not "gun interdiction" advocates.

Take Switzerland. There are more guns by inhabitants than in the US (including automatic weapons), but close to no gun violence. That's because gun owners face very strict regulations, a tough background and mental screening before being able to buy ammunition, or even a handgun. You get trained on how to properly secure your weapon, and if you get inspected and are found to not respect those rules you lose your right to handle weapons.

In some US states, even someone legally crazy, psychotic, et suicidal can freely buy an automatic weapon, provided he got enough money. No background or mental health check, no training, no inspection.

Cartels use those flaws to easily get weapons from the US, smuggle them into Mexico in exchange for drugs, and terrorise the Mexican population.

A gun is a tool of death, how it is used depends on who uses it. And as long as you freely sell them to those who shouldn't have access to them, you'll get gun violence on both sides of the "wall".

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Already done in France by Emmaüs, they even have their own Ubuntu based distro.

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Love thy neighbor. Except this one. And this one. And those over there. And so on.

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Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

Please don’t forget to use the spoiler tag as soon as you start talking about a storyline.

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Any source for said price?

Edit: Better known source says it is a baseless rumor circulating on social medias

Some accounts on social media are now circulating the claim that Niger has lifted prices from €0.80 per kilogram to €200. So far, there is no evidence for this beyond themselves quoting each other. The claim seems to trace back to a small digital outlet in Nigeria. Embarrassingly, the website has been confused as being from Niger itself.

Sources (as shared by @[email protected]) : https://www.forbes.com/sites/eliasferrerbreda/2023/09/12/more-rumours-what-is-really-happening-with-nigers-uranium/

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If you are not ironic, considering the number of patients and it being present on all continents, yes it is, by definition.

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If I agree with some anti-privacy woes, France (and more broadly Europe) is way more privacy friendly than the US. We have to fight for it from time to time, but for now it goes mostly in the right direction.

As for religious stuff, to understand that you have to understand France. We are, due to our history, mostly irreligious (50% of the whole population in 2017), with most religious people being non-practicing. Like every country we have our religious nutjobs, but they are mostly irrevelant compared to the US ones.
As such, we as a whole generally consider that religion should not impact public life and public places nor be displayed in there, with some specific exception (nuns and priests, as it is considered as being an uniform mandated by their trade).

School is a public space, as such public display of religion are forbidden. This is not specifically agains Muslim, the same would apply to a nun when going to school as a student. Other less ostensible religious sign, like crucifixes, are also banned.
All that is (mostly) to fight communitarianism, which is viewed here as a threat to society.

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