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Is the porpoising caused by regulations? I've understood it as teams not wanting to make alterations to prevent loss of aero, but they are able to fix it if they wanted to (like other teams).

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I'm not sure. It depends on what feels "wrong" to you about using crossbows.

Could it be that it doesn't have the same loop of acquire target > buildup to shot > shot because the buildup part is after the shot instead?

It does add to the weapons complexity in that you have to plan differently and more deliberately compared to the myriad of bow gameplay out there.

But the fun part is, Link's Crossbow Training doesn't have any of that. It's just an on-rails shooter in Twilight Princess's set pieces where your crossbow acts like a repeater with infinite ammo. So if that sounds like it could break the curse, it might be fun. But it's also far away from actual crossbow mechanics, so whatever.

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Because I'd buy you a bidet! Obviously >.>

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I had it on the gamecube, but to play multiplayer you each needed a gameboy with link cable, still.

This could be explained by the use of the GBA screen when in caves and buildings, but it's a very easy method to fleece the fans while the general public will go "never mind, not worth".

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Yuengling is a type of beer. I had to look it up. Funny pun if you're in the know

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You could probably play it on PC with a mouse. Nobody will care except Nintendo

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There has been no delaying, only TotK itself was delayed by a year.

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Maybe you should give this game a go to see if your opinion changes

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Slang words that are being subtitled wrong because the locale automatically sets to English (international) instead of English (UK) for a lot of players.

It's in the article if you bothered to read it

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That sounds pretty good. Kinda like Terra Nil but you're tasked with "cleaning up" cities by rezoning them and stuff. Could be educational, a simulation, or both.

Maybe we should organise a game jam that's about finding alternative transport solutions

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I see the problem, it looks like Amazon. Stop shopping there

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Yup, perfect time to clear some stock


I started a free trial and cancelled it immediately to have no ads while on holiday. Didn't realize they are offering some illusion of achievements as a "reward" for your attention, doubling as a FOMO weapon for when you want to quit.

Where to start.. (
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We all know bears don't know how to play chess. This is proof!

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