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Paywalled. Please include archive link.

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Getting 404 on that page, and the thumbnail suggests 2600 businesses instead of the 2,6000 in the title

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Agreed. And the electronics community suggested above has 2 posts in the last six months. So not really a better place to post imho.

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Isn’t that just biology?

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What has Norway got to do with this ??

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It is working fine here (iOS)

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This community is named INTERESTING intentional news..

No, it isn’t.

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That may be interesting to politicians and economists. But GDP shrinking or growing by 0.x % makes no difference to most of us. Not until shrinkflation, above inflation annual price rises baked into contracts for mobile phones etc and general enshittification are dealt with.

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You can trust RBI to do the right thing, after all other options have been exhausted.

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It depends on the details of the car scheme. A BEV is great, assuming you can charge it cheaply at home, except for the two days where you have a 400 mile round trip. For those, motorway fast charging will get you there and back. I have had a company BEV for 3 years. Worked out ok with lease cost and tax benefits. But I have now decided to abandon the company car scheme and got a private car with a petrol engine. Never saw the point of a PHEV, lugging a heavy battery around while running a small petrol engine. Probably good if you mostly drive around town, but that’s not my use case. For private cars, BEVs are just too expensive, to buy, to insure and to repair. My reasons include:

I get a cash alternative if i don’t take a company car,

I can’t claim actual cost for motorway charging, which is very expensive. It works out more expensive per mile than a petrol car (for me, a small modern BEV may work out better) This is the main issue for me as I do long trips fairly regularly.

My car needs 2 hours to charge even on a motorway fast charger. Normal local public chargers don’t work for me, too slow. The car needs 12 hours on my 7kw home charger.

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What a load of bollocks. Nothing more than Catholic lobbyists pushing their agenda. Which they are entitled to do, but don’t present it as facts in a ‘news’paper.

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When sorting by hot, I get posts with 1 upvote and no comments near the top. And it is above a post from the same community (nieuws) that has 2 upvotes. Seems to be broken.

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Two of the UK's biggest supermarket chains, Tesco and Sainsbury's, were hit with technical issues on Saturday; Sainsbury's blames a software update ( Two of the UK's biggest supermarket chains, Tesco and Sainsbury's, were hit with technical issues on Saturday; Sainsbury's blames a software update  —  Two of the UK's biggest supermarket chains - Tesco and Sainsbury's - were hit with technical issues on Saturday.

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My first anduril light, and first small light. Really happy with it. Thanks to you wonderful people, and the ones we left behind on Reddit, I ditched the cheap supermarket zoomies and got my first decent light from Zak’s list, a wowtac a2s. Good recommendation, great light but angled lights aren’t my favourite. Next one was an fc11. Also from zak’s list and another solid recommendation. Love it, just wish it had better runtime and lower moonlight. I use it mainly for dog walking in woods and fields, and it is good for that purpose. This TS10 fixes my moonlight issue for indoor use and is easily bright enough on full to be my backup if the FC11 ever fails me while out.

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