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My neighbors brothers uncle JimBob knows JoJo so I know it's true.

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I think there's a punk rock song called she bangs or something like that...

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Mann Shorts, so the story line is presented in d&d format...


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Cop: Ma'am, your BAC is .04, why were you driving so fast.

Florida woman: I'm getting married to a ferris wheel and I was trying to shave my legs on the way.

(This actually happened a long time ago)

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But my uncle TimTom said it was true!

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This is the most click bait article I accidentally clicked on. I need to factory reset my phone after coming in contact with that website.

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That's pretty fucking close to "the final solution". Using Hitler's strategies isn't really a good look anymore.

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The funny thing is Israel has money and weapons and they're not fighting literally Russia. They're not like Ukraine, they don't really need any extra help...

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Why isn't Israel the ones handing out aid? They're the invading force, one of the first rules of warfare is what to do with the displaced refugees. It would be very ironic if they used "the final solution" to this problem...

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There's a law that if you sue the government and win, they don't have to pay you. Good luck getting your millions, lol.

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