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I thought I was the only one. I have the exact same issue occurring from the exact same time:

https://lemmy.world/u/[email protected]


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Don't forget to stock up on masks and toilet paper while you're at it.

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People like this always default to implying marijuana is some mysterious new invention. It's quite hilarious to read living in a state that first passed MMJ laws 28 years ago and even more hilarious when you learn that people have been using it for thousands of years at this point.

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It doesn't sound like Georgia has anything going on, based on the article.

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I live in Oregon in a city of 250k and literally every single independent pharmacy has been driven out of business because they can't compete against Walgreens and RightAid on drug pricing. These two companies are the only option outside of Walmart and Costco, and have terrible hours and reliability. Walgreens is only open M-F 8-5 and numerous times recently have been inexplicably closed in the middle of the day when I've gone to pick up prescriptions for my parents.

On the other hand, we have probably 100 different dispensaries in town all owned by different people. Prices are dirt cheap and availability is great. One is open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm. Having this shit be handled by some corporate pharmacy would be a death sentence for the entire industry.

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I know there are several similar channels so maybe I'm mixed up, but wasn't this the one where they found out the guy was using machinery to create his projects off camera and claiming it was all done by hand?

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So would you consider yourself a "stained t-shirt and sweatpants" person, a Trump supporter or a combination of the two? I seemed to have struck a nerve.

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FSD is an entirely separate thing. Autopilot is just an LKAS system, or adaptive cruise control.

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That lowered Sienna looks pretty sick.

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You don't need an 8GB Pi for gaming. Most of these run on a 1GB Pi3

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It'd be less than half the price to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 and you can even get a custom case.

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100% seafoam green

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This might not be the best place to post but I figure there are a lot of like-minded tinkerers here who may have a solution, whether DIY or store bought.

I'm trying to figure out a way to set up a very basic and simple to use speaker/media player for my special needs kiddo to use in her room. Something akin to a '90s boombox with a burned CD inside of it but with modern features like Spotify connectivity and a smaller package.

Ideally, this would have a speaker and minimal controls like play/pause, skip, FF/RWD. My goal would be to have a basic device that she could use to play a dedicated Spotify playlist (or MP3 files to simplify but less preferable) without having to pair devices, load an app (apart from the initial configuration), turn multiple devices on, or basically do anything other than turning the device on and hitting play.

I've been using HA for a couple years now and have recently tried setting up the Spotify integration (and third-party add-ons like Spotcast) with the hopes of cobbling something together but found it's pretty clunky and doesn't even load my playlists or start playback half the time.

The end product doesn't need to be smart or connect to HA, so I'm willing to entertain any potential solution.

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Anyone know where to get replacement parts for the stock extruder, or a relatively inexpensive aftermarket extruder replacement that is of decent quality?

I've been having issues with jamming recently and after trying everything I could to fix it, tore the extruder apart and discovered there is a sizeable groove worn into one of the plastic guide pieces. I suspect the filament is getting caught in this groove and pinched, which causes the drive to grind the filament and jam while the printer keeps humming along not actually printing anything.

I'm in the middle of printing out a full sized Storm Trooper helmet and this is causing me a lot of grief when prints make it 380/450 layers and then jam and stop printing. I've learned how to restart a print at the failed layer, but I'd rather not have to keep babysitting things or tossing out a bunch of waste when it craps out at 15%

Here is the part I'm looking for but I can only find it in a big $40 kit or as $100 extruder replacement:

Edit: If anyone else comes across this in the future, I was able to source one from Happy3DThai for around $2.99. I bought the last two in stock (one as an eventual replacement for the replacement) but I'm sure they'll get more eventually. https://www.happy3dthai-artillery.com/online-store/Titan-extruder-guide-tube-p200504936

Edit 2, Electric Boogaloo: I just found them on AliExpress in a 4-pack too. If you search for "Titan extruder guide tube" you'll find them.

Final edit: turns out this part wasn't the cause of the issue. The extruder stepper motor went bad (bearings full of junk) and would randomly lock up while rotating. I was able to feel it sticking when rotating it by hand. $10 replacement and I'm back in business.

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