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You tried it 12 years ago. So before Windows 8 came out? Think of how much Windows has changed in that time. Linux distros have changed as well, but they have focused on usability with each change.

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Steam has built in Linux compatibility that you can turn on for all games and has been working great for me. Lutris and Wine provide other compatibility options.

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Can't you just have an OS that doesn't fight you constantly when you're trying to use your computer the way you want?

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Vote for Biden and spend the next 3 years pushing for better candidates!

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why doesn’t America deserve to suffer?

Voting as Fire Extinguisher

by Kyle Tran Myhre

When the haunted house catches fire: a moment of indecision.

The house was, after all, built on bones, and blood, and bad intentions.

Everyone who enters the house feels that overwhelming dread, the evil that perhaps only fire can purge.

It’s tempting to just let it burn.

And then I remember: there are children inside.

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Oh ya, Trump is oozing with honey, that's why he has so much support.

No one is "forcing" anyone to vote for Biden. They're just me being coddled when they say Biden is bad so you should let someone significantly worse be in power.

The time to complain about Biden not being good enough is during the primaries, and the 3.5 years between elections. People need to accept reality that this coming election is between Biden and Trump, and no amount of complaining about Biden will change that.

Yes, absolutely complain that Biden isn't doing enough and push him to do more. But this rhetoric of "I'm not going to vote for Biden so that the US can burn to the ground under Trump" is childish.

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I installed Linux Mint last week. I was waiting until I had a 2nd drive to install it on so I could still have windows if needed.
It was easier to install than windows ever was, and easier to find help to do the things I want. It makes a world of difference when your OS isn't actively fighting you all the time. I even had an easier time connecting to my media tower over the network (which is still on Windows) and accessing its files than I ever had trying to connect to it from a Windows machine.

I haven't touched my windows drive once since I installed Mint and I'm planning on taking it off to free up my SSD.

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It's amazing how the people who are expressing their freedom not to wear a mask get really offended by people who express their freedom by wearing a mask.

It's starting to make me think it's not about freedom...

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I think Japanese cryptids can fit in either category.

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I didn't hear about the vandalizing of private jets until people were complaining about stone henge. Considering they did not damage stone henge in any way this does seem like a much more effective way of bringing attention to the issue.

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Don't pretend like that's an argument for you to not bother to read anything and ask others to spoon feed you information.

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So you were downvoted for not bothering to read or even skim the article to do a minimum amount of looking on your own to see what they were talking about.


This is a weird one.

I am subscribed to [email protected] When browsing on my phone I can see the thumbnails just fine. When browsing on my desktop ublock origin blocks the thumbnails and avatars, but only from the instance, and only when I'm accessing it through

If I go directly to I can view everything fine, and other instances I am not encountering this issue with. Any idea what might be the cause? I am using Firefox.

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