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That way, when you forget it, you'll get a helpful reminder that your password is incorrect.

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Goatliest rule (i.ibb.co)
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There is a known strategy called EEE (Embrace, extend, and extinguish).

First, they embrace the open web. Millions of people who never would've joined the Fediverse (and, probably, don't even know what the Fediverse is) flock to Threads and start to interact with us.

Then, they extend the open web, adding features to Threads that aren't compatible with our servers. People on Threads don't understand what's wrong with our server (even though it's Threads that's the source of incompatibility).

Finally, they decide they're "having trouble maintaining compatibility with third party servers" and start to break off from us, leaving us with no way to interact with our new friends. Unless, of course, we make a free Threads account...

Google Talk is perhaps the most relevant example of this. Here's more details.

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Meta seems to have money to burn, so they'll gladly pay for the disk space to host your uncompressible images. Here's a Python script to generate them!


from PIL import Image
from tqdm import tqdm
import numpy as np
import sys
import os

number_of_images = 1000
width = 2048
height = 1024

for filename in tqdm(range(number_of_images)):
	image = Image.fromarray(np.random.randint(0, 256, (height, width, 3), dtype=np.uint8))
	image.save(str(filename) + ".png")



What has two legs and flies? (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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An able-bodied airline passenger.

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Q: Is climate change sending us towards an apocalypse, or will it just make life shit/hard? A: Yes.

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It's surprisingly hard to google something with a plus sign in.

An open letter to past me (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Dear past me,

I still haven't forgiven you for making that difficult Pokémon battle "a problem for future me".

Yours faithfully,

Future you

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I have long believed that the only stupid question is the one that hasn't been asked.

I feel it's better to ask the question (and feel stupid for a few minutes) than to remain stupid for the rest of my life. :)

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It's already making things hard. Unless you live in a cave (and even if you do, quite probably, IDK) you'll have noticed an increase in the frequency of what's euphemistically called "extreme weather events". These things are bad for us, but even worse for crops, and they're going to keep on getting worse.

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Yet another argument in favour of piracy…

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Do you use Lemmy or kbin? If your answer is "Yes", we'd love to have you!

Formal link: [email protected]

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I upgraded to Executive a couple of years ago and got this very classy black card. Do they look the same everywhere? I assume the URL printed on the card varies, but what about everything else?

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I don't like the article's use of the word "snares" - it's not as if it's a trap they're being sneaky about. There are signs everywhere, there's painting on the road, there's continual press coverage, and there are wide and well-signposted turning areas for private cars on either side of the bus gate. Anyone who gets "snared" by this is clearly driving while not paying attention, and deserves more than a fine IMHO.

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Oh yeah, same here. The community is just so much nicer here. :)

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Admin says please do.

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Yeah! And it helps that there is no karma here. We just give a hoot about preservation and sharing. :)

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Each post must be precisely the word "comm".

Each comment must be precisely the word "line".

Comm and line.

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Gods had nothing to do with it. Thank DbZer0 instead. :)

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Just to be clear, I think someone doesn't have to have done something wrong for you to block them. The block list is an important self-care tool and you don't need a reason to look out for yourself. <3

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Star Trek in 1966: *has a bridge crew containing a black female, Russian man, and faaaabulous Japanese man, each of whom holds the rank of full Lieutenant on their own abundant merits*

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You're in the right place. Welcome!

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