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"The only real fascist is the fascists who won't let me fascist, oh also I don't know what words mean"

You're an ignorant fascist too, shocker. Continue on arguing against rights for women because nobody ever loved you willingly.

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oh damn that sucks lol

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"Why aren't we allowed to gather and advocate the destruction of women's rights and autonomy?!"

Fuck off Fascist, go cry about being oppressed while you support gay and trans lawmakers being silenced across the country

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I'm super not knowledgeable about codecs and shit, but IIRC there's one that the rpi 4 is just garbage at dealing with. x265 I think it's called?

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Lack of education, and decades of brainwashing including an explicit underlying message purposely tied up in religion to benefit from that suspension of disbelief that everybody on the planet who isn't a hardline far right Republican is explicitly part of a worldwide conspiracy against you specifically, low income white dude in BFE County, US with a population of 5,000, and every announcement, news story, discovery (scientific, archaeological, astronomical, doesn't matter) is all fake to prop up the conspiracy against you specifically.

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Weirdly, even today, huge swatches of immigrants too. Legal AND Illegal.

Turns out pulling the ladder up behind you knows no racial or socioeconomic bounds.

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I never did pr0n on Reddit and I won't here. I don't need everyone on one site all the time. I have been blocking any NSFW community I come across, just not what I'm here for.

Except this one, apparently. 😂

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"The court has investigated the court and found no wrongdoing on the part of the court"

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I quick scrolled through it cause I'm out, but yes I would like the ability to engage with the internet through a digivice please.

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Been saying this shit for years - the more fascisty or bigoted they are, the more they look like Violet Beauregard got hit by a bus.

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Meanwhile the guy who posted this will say it's OK for him to tear through fiddy women before settling down.

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I've been off Facebook since precovid, deactive so I can use messenger still.

I logged in for a specific reason yesterday and it was like one thing/person I follow or otherwise indicated interest in to 10+ "sponsored content" or "stuff you may like" or whatever they call it now.

But people treat it as a red flag because I'm not wasting my day away on that. Fucking what?

Lol jeez (self.fuckcars)
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The Feedback Loop OF DOOOOOM (self.socialanxiety)
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I'm retired early at 35 and haven't worked since before I was 30 (injured veteran.) While limited, I had a fairly functional external life pre-rona but since then my ex I was with for a decade left at the end of the pandemic and I hadn't been around anyone else my people muscle has atrophied.

I'm bad with people because I'm not around people much, but I'm not around people much because I'm bad with people. I'm bad with people because I'm not around people muchbecauseI'mbadwithpeoplebecauseI'mnotaroundpeoplemuchbecauseI'mbadwithpeople^becauseI'mnotaroundpeoplemuchbecauseI'mbadwithpeople^


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Whazzup everybody? I like books (and edibles) so when I saw this community I wanted to contribute. I just finished Artemis by Andy Weir, a sci fi novel about a young delivery worker/smuggler who gets entangled in a plot to change the balances of power on the Moon's only city.

I picked up The Deepest South of All by Richard Grant at Ollie's for a few bucks the other day and have started that. It tells the tales of various people the author meets in Natchez, Mississippi and explores how it's slavery centric past still influences the area today.

What are you all reading? How big is your backlog? I started explicitly keeping a physical backlog when I buy new media because I'm 100% that guy who'll put it up and forget forever. haha

Rule (lemmy.world)
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My name is CannaVet, and I receive TDIU but am rated naturally at 70%. I was banned from the main veteran subreddit years ago for showing disdain for fascist policies and hope to build a more equitable community here accepting of all flavors of vet.

Share your stories, your struggles, your memories, here with others who can relate. Hope to hear from you all! <3

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I think I have the syntax right on this, but I've spun up a new community for US veterans on lemmy.world! Hope to see you all there so we can get social and help lift eachother up!

This should link properly

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