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Top tier Soviet Navy moment, lol.

Also, TIL there was a battle on Lake Baikal, which, for the unacquainted, is mostly known outside of Russia for being impossibly deep and having a goddamned species of seals.

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I downvoted, now you're doing Holocaust inversion.

Like, yeah, most people want to live in peace, Jews and Arabs alike. This guy is literally quoting Hitler as a guy who had the right worldview, so not him.

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Yeah, his take seems to be "Hitler was right, races can't coexist, if only he had been Jewish" from that quote.

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This research has nothing to do with consciousness, though.

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Any number of other mines and deposits, and land that will get increasingly not terrible. It's just a big area, there's bound to be good stuff. Also they're still butthurt about the lost Qing territory.

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Right? At the very least they should get Vladivostok back if they help unfuck the situation. Anything less would basically be bad faith on the West's part. If Russia was going to pieces I'd actually expect the whole Far East to end up in their sphere, minus maybe some or all of Transbaikal.

I know, I know, you're not supposed to carve up other people's territory anymore. They kind of opened the door to it by trying to carve up Europe, though, and China has no particular attachment to the concept of local self-determination. Also, this is NCD.

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Well, the Russians actually had a full 10 more than that when OP started drawing the meme.

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Yup. That's where we grow a lot of the wine that comes out of Canada. Then again, it's often ice wine.

The question stands. I could look it up I guess, but staring at a bunch of tables just doesn't have the same charm.

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Ah yes, a natural grouping, with a deep historical basis. /s

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Oh shit, story time? I don't think I've heard this one.

At least a link.

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Yeah, I expect mountains are good defensive terrain even with modern technology, but they don't make you invincible. I don't know what the other guy is going on about.

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You know, I actually don't know what Switzerland is like, at least at altitudes where the cities are. Is it much colder than the rest of central Europe?

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We have no idea how many there are, and we already know about one, right? It seems like the simplest possibility.

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(I hope it's okay if I just keep posting stuff here)

This version of the multidirectional elevator is neat because it's not an exotic modern solution or just a concept, but an actual practical machine that's widely used. It's not quite fresh content but it holds up.

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The comments say it can run a lot faster, as you'd expect for the added complexity, but they don't usually use the full speed for liability reasons. I wonder if a version could be made that's fully enclosed.

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Example: On here vs. on Lemmit itself.

I don't know if this is our end or theirs, but nobody seems to have commented about it on their meta community, which makes me think it's not broken for users on bigger instances.

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Reposting because it looks like federation failed.

I was just reading about it, it sounds like a pretty cool OS and package manager. Has anyone actually used it?

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Great info if you're interested in the state of the art on how abiogenesis might work.

I also didn't realise LUCA was so sophisticated already until I read this. The story it tells is that very basic life was already widespread in the Hadean era, and when the late heavy bombardment hit and the Earth was resurfaced, only life around a hydrothermal vent (or vents) survived, with one long-term survivor going on to become the sole ancestor of modern life.

(If you don't have institutional credentials, there is a pirate website by the name of "sci-hub", with the dash. No endorsement but it's not like you were ever going to pay 40 bucks to read this)

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The mod log.

I can't see what other issues there could possibly be with this. It wasn't even spicy as anti-Zionism goes, and all the factual content was accurate.

I can see how the comment from months ago could be seen as insensitive, although my intention was more to point out the inherent racism in the opposite position. That's not the one that did it, though.

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An interesting look at how America thinks about the conflict when cameras aren't pointing at them. TL;DR they see themselves 20 years ago, and are trying to figure out how to convey all the lessons that experience taught them, including "branches" and "sequels", which is jargon I haven't heard mentioned before. Israel is not terribly receptive.

Aaand of course, Tom Cotton is at the end basically describing a genocide, which he would support.

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