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I've never been to Fort Lauderdale.

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Summer is coming

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And yet all 4 drink Faygo Rock n Rye

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Those Amazon customers can be ruthless.

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A vase for $4 is a good deal. What was she expecting, solid gold? I don't think I would have gone as far as involving all of Mexico but I guess it's easier to just give her a refund.

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What do I need home owners insurance for? I got a gun. The tornadoes should get insurance out on me. That said mine went up 20% this year.

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Look who's a pro-immigrant librul everybody

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With a smaller sign underneath it that says "Your fault" and the mailman walking towards you with an unexpected letter from the IRS in his hand...

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Hold 0,00004km above mouth and pour it in like the fountains of Rome.

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I successfully sued my wife when she put too much salt in the soup which wasn't even real.

It was called the Salty Pseudo Soup Sufferer Suit in the news.

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Yeah but where are these nerves? Bermuda triangle? Another plane of existence like from that movie interstellar? The moves passed down to me thru generations seem to do nothing.

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I just took a vacation. It was so stressful. I prefer to relax by going into work and giving it my all for Amazon®. I get so relaxed I don't even need an Amazon-approved Restroom Time Theft™. I've even stopped going home most evenings and just working until I fall asleep at my Amazon Life/Work Cubicle™

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I have 6 Blueberry, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Jalepeno, Bell Pepper, Mint, Cilantro and itty bitty cucumbers.


You are now entering your spicy years. 🌶️


I dont know why they have to lie about it. At $5/8ft board you'd think I paid for the full 1.5. Edit: I mixed up nominal with actual.


I was thinking how it would be cool to develop mobile games that uses the same hooks the pay-to-play ones use. But instead of it being revenue, that money is invested for the player and they get it back later when they're more lucid and less gambly.

So people who have addictions can scratch that itch like they normally would but it wouldn't wreck their finances. Most investing needs a lot of personal information which is too much to ask for I think. Storing their money like a bank is too much responsibility as well, when they buy credits or upgrades I'd want those funds going directly to the investment package. It could be too complicated of a problem to solve but I would have no qualms copying the popular loot box games and taking their customers away if the reward side could be easily set up.


I just think the novelty of these type of displays was up in the 90s, It's time for an upgrayedd. I propose leprechauns flying up and down the river wearing water jet packs, shooting people with their Chicago-style hot dog cannons would be more with the times. What's your idea?

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