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Original Finnish management has split off to a new independent company with the same name last year

Best business move EVER! Now people have to wonder with whom they're doing business. Sorta keeps people on their toes. Way better than coming up with a new brand, making it easier for their five customers. /s

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I feel kinda dirty that my last iso is en-us_windows_server_version_23h2_updated_may_2024_x64_dvd_[8 char identifier, that I don't really know what does, but removed to avoid accidentally doxxing myself].iso

At least I got it from ms directly.

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Guessing that you don't want to see the dead rat I got the other night with my airgun, I present you with this instead.

Otter interview goes off on a tangent

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I was wondering what a washing machine needed a TPM for. Better title: "machine fails to boot after power failure"

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Agreed, why not return low level joblistings for the area where the return address is. Add a few sassy stickers you got from temu as a gift and some information on starting a union.

Don't be an ass to wage slaves, they're not your enemy, they're your peers, show them the way instead.

Arise ye pris'ners of starvation
Arise ye wretched of the earth

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Why? It seems like the most effective way of unsubscribing to junk mail.

Besides, "if you believe in something, you sign your name to it" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GujKyNduy0c&t=69

You don't have to be an ass to the wage slave opening the return mail, but you can still send them a message. Print out joblistings for the return address area and return them. Maybe add a few Bible quotes. But make sure you are remembered by getting a stack of sassy stickers from temu and putting a few in there as a little gift.

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Goes to show that he doesn't sing about personal experiences in Luang Prabang, because that takes balls

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I'm looking for a source of product status ect. Specifically AAE products at the moment, but preferably more universal than that. Does anyone know of a blog or other source, that congregates this info?

Background (rant) for asking:

At present I'm looking for vanes for my target recurve kid. Got told by the gurus at the range/club, that flex fletch ffp 187 was a good choice, so I ordered ffp 187 no-prep. Just to get an email back from the local shop, that ffp 187 no-prep was discontinued. And they suggested AAE wav, gas pro naca 200 performance (or spin wings, but the coaches don't want us to go for spin wings at the present)

OK, fine, I can see that JVD (my local shop's wholesaler) only carries one color of ffp 187 no-prep now. But then another kid at the club was shooting AAE hybrid shield 185, and all of a sudden those are being discontinued as well. So I've tried ordering AAE wav ... to the be told by the same gurus what wav was probably also discontinued. But I can't find any announcements, just dwindling stock at the wholesaler level.

I don't know much about archery, but I know that I don't want to fletch a dozen shafts, just to then learn that once the clicker-side vanes are used up, then we're SOL.

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Yeah, you know, like talking out your ass, but for people characterized as being asses with ears... And totally not a malapropism at all.

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I still haven't warmed up to using it for currency either, for me it's a command on Cisco's IOS. Which, BTW, I have to make clear is made by Cisco and make my phone write with a capital i.

I understand that the world evolves, and that languages do as well ... but I do have a problem with the speed which it evolves with, as well as it seems like the ignorant use of existing terminologies, is the main evolutionary factor these days.

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Yes, det var den store ændring for mig, og mine kolleger(statsansatte faglærere på tjenestemandslignende vilkår), da staten blev træt af at lockoute alle de ikke tjenestemandsansatte, og erstattede vores fælles overenskomst med en lov #takbjarnecorydondinkæmpeklaphat

Vi gik fra at arbejde på "akkord", ie "undervis N min, få M min til forberedelse efter egen planlægning", til at skulle registrere tid. Men søreme kun hverdage 0600-1700, for ellers er der tillæg. Væk var friheden.

Nu skal vi til at registrere, hver gang vi går fra en type opgave til en anden. Føler snart at jeg ligeså godt kunne have taget det ingeniørkonsulentjob, hvor alle timer skal faktureres til kunder.

Er det kun undertegnede der genkender glidebanen? Hvis arbejdskraftkøberen ønsker at dominere arbejderne, så kan jeg kun opfordre til at man stempler ind hver gang man arbejder. Man ikke så meget som læser en SMS, uden at stemple ind. Ret skal være ret ... for begge sider. Så sørg nu for at få løn for ALT dit arbejde.

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Don't engage with them, look at the username. I wish more trolls were this upfront about it.

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We already have one for the Danish government's apps. It's called 2.1 stars. /s but also not really /s because most of our official government apps are actually rated rather poorly.

But seeing how the best rated app by the Danish government is actually rated 4 stars on play store, a badge may be in its place.

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As the title states really. I need to refer to this diverse group of people, who somehow have gotten put in the same box labeled "sexual minorites".

I'm a boring CISHET vanilla white male, so I don't really know. I want to include as many as I can when I refer to "lgbtq+ people". I've been studying various flags, trying to find the one flag I need. But I can't really figure it out.

Is lgbtq+ the preferred term, or what should I use? Is a flag better? I don't want to hurt someone by not including them.

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If money wasn't an issue, what ILF riser would you get for olympic recurve?

This is both meant as a thought experiment, but also as me picking your brains as a starting point for picking a new riser for someone.

Personally I like the Wiawis integrated dampeners of the ATF-DX or Meta DX. And the insert in the ATF-DX fitting, so you don't ruin the entire riser if you're stringing it wrong, does have some appeal.

But what do you think? Any Gillo fans here? Anyone want to try convincing the rest of us that formula is a superior fitting, and that we should tie the knot with Hoyt?

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I apologize for the links below being vendor specific, but the linked products are the specific products I have used. I have no affiliation with the shop other than they offer to bill my job instead of having me pay upfront and then get the expenses redeemed. (I have tried making this both subscript and super script with respectively ^ and ~, but none works on lemmy)

I seek advice on proceeding with the setup and acquiring an acceptable printing quality.


I have recently "upgraded" a creality cr6 se at work. I installed a spider steel/PEI plate (https://3deksperten.dk/products/spiderflexiplate-double-system-255x245-ex-cr-6-se), a bimetal heatbreak https://3deksperten.dk/products/3dsupreme-titanium-alloy-bi-metal-heatbreak-cr6-se) and a hardened steel nozzle (0.4mm from this kit https://3deksperten.dk/products/creality-3d-3d-printing-up-market-nozzle-kit-8-pcs)


Testing this new setup I used the PLA spool I had been printing with days before without issue. The new and old nozzles are all 0.4mm.

What I discovered was that I couldn't get any adhesion to the built plate, some spray glue (this exact make and model https://3deksperten.dk/products/printafix-100ml) fixed that. Then layer adhesion was an issue. So I upped the temp to the max for this PLA and increased the extrusion rate. First 10 layers or so were somewhat ok, but the rest delaminated instantly.

I then opened a brand new spool of PLA, thinking that the old spool had moisture issues. Cranked the temp to max, 210°C, added 5°C to the bed and applied a strong shot of spray glue. This time the print actually got done, but the parts where Cura's tree support was supposed to be supporting, the layers seem to come apart. The rest of the print was somewhat ok, though not great.

Current considerations

  • Maybe I attempted too much at the same time. I may try swapping the nozzle back and only deal with the plate and heatbreak.
  • The heat break may be install wrong. The nozzle was screwed in all the way, loosened a few turns, then the heat break was screwed in all the way. The nozzled was then tightened. No heating was done. I may try giving the heat break a few turns before installing the old nozzle again.
  • Should I have heated hotend before tightening the nozzle?
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Simply put, our slate countertops are uneven, creating issues in daily activities. I've considered using an angle grinder with a grinding disc, but I'm hesitant. Seeking advice on practical solutions for making installed slate slabs even.

The slabs in question varies in thickness by at least ±6mm, in some spots the extremes are within 80mm of each other.

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Looking to maybe upgrade my kid's creality cr6-se, so we can move into the more exotic materials.

It appears that I have two options for an all metal hotend, but I can't find any comparisons. Not besides a reddit post from 2020 stating that the Prima Creator is a knock off.

So have anybody tried one or both and care to speak about the experience?

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Never before have I seen an entire maker community go "WTF are you doing you MANIAC! Just frigging buy it instead". I'm impressed :-) Normally I have to solicit such a strong response, this was pure ignorance.

I don't know whether we'll go forward with the 3d-printing part of this project anymore. If we do, I do hear you on the PETG, and it's not out of the running anymore. I may take the project on in a much smaller scale, on my own dime, so I can still try out some exotic materials (ie not pla).

In response to the cost per wand. I've found mailbox red TPU72d from kungfuflex for about 43USD per kg. I made a mock-up of the wand with 2mm walls, and at 220mm length it comes out to about 54g per wand. That's about 2.5USD - if nothing goes wrong and I don't waste a spool by printing unattended.

I think there's still something to be said about being able to form the wand to fit snug on the specific flashlight. Maybe the solution will be purchasing wand attachments and making an adapter for them.


I'm designing a wand attachment for a flashlight. The wand attachment will be about 170-200mm long, slightly cone shaped, and fit securely onto a given flashlight. When attached to the flashlight and the flashlight is turned on, the flashlight will illuminate the wand giving of a red glow.

The purpose of this is to use the wand for directing traffic at night. Don't worry, we're licensed to do so and typically asked by the police to do it.

See the picture for an idea of what I'm trying to explain. Disregard the tape and the fact that it's white PLA. The white PLA is what I had open and the flashlight is not the same as will be used with the final device.

The attachment will be produced in 70-150 copies and handed out to volunteers of my national guard company. The final attachment must therefore be able to take a beating, ie scratches, impacts, temperatures and various rough handling.

I have at my disposal a pool of +10 Cr6-se, one ultimaker s5 and one stratasys uprint se plus.

I'm considering a couple of material choices. TPU or PETG in a couple of the cr6s or PC in ultimaker. The uprint strictly uses some proprietary ABS spools, and all the filament I've got for that is ivory white. A buddy of mine has offered to print a release candidate in flexible tough resin. But I don't think that he has any idea about the scale of the project. So it really narrows down to TPU, PETG or PC. If I'm going to make this rigid I'm going to go for PC, for durability, or TPU for flexibility and durability.

I've found a source for PC in transparent and white and TPU (72d, 95a and 98a) in transparent, red or white.

I like the TPU72d in red, but is it the right material? I can't find anything on the translucency of opaque TPU. In the picture it's just 1 mm of opaque white PLA, but what about 2 or 3 mm of TPU? Should I just drop the illusions of red opaque TPU and print in clear PC and spray a coat of red paint on the inside? Or clear TPU?


Flooded chickens (sh.itjust.works)
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We had a bit of rain these few days. 110ish mm over the last 14 days, 25 of which decided to check in on us yesterday. So our run got flooded.

Not having the space for a truck load of woodchips, nor the time to spare, I got a couple of 23kg bales of sawdust. BTW .6USD pr kg for sawdust, what's wrong with the world?

The chickens were quite perplexed as to the bale when it arrived, and definitely not sold on it either when I had spread it out, pic in comments. I'm going to see how it works before spreading another one.

Usually I don't have to pump water from this area before November, but I guess that life ain't fair and the world is mean, so we started the pump this morning. Next 5 months (we'll I guess it'll be 6 months if luck be) we'll be pumping about 26m^3 from this area daily.

There's a Danish children's song that starts with something like "The farmer is always busy on his farm" and then lists the chores. I wonder why I that was stuck in my head as I wandered about the hardware store looking for bedding material.

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  • Can you test 450V high ripple current caps with a any old desktop RCL meter?
  • Has digikey shipped me faulty units?


I've gotten a couple of 660uF (not a typo, it's some weird high ripple current caps for an outdoor AC unit) 450V caps to replace some that I decided were duds. Normally I only measure components when troubleshooting, but this being 20USD with vat devices I thought "what the heck, I better".

The caps in question are chemi-con EKHJ451VSN661MA59M https://www.digikey.dk/en/products/detail/chemi-con/EKHJ451VSN661MA59M/17728502.


I'm using a Phillips PM6303A, which is a 1kHz RCL meter. Ambiant temp is approx 15°C. The caps have a 20% tolerance, so capacity should be >528uF, but when measuring both caps settle at approx 450uF after a little while. After 16hours it hasn't deviated for the one cap I've left in over night. The dissipation factor, tan(δ), settled at 0.57, while the datasheet states that it shall be no greater than 0.2.

For comparison, the caps I thought was faulty, have been running for about 20years, with the same specs, but came out to 550uF and 0.3, and as the spec said 0.2 I decided to change them.

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Solution: @[email protected] has made some really insightful comments below, which are really useful. ~~If you just want the cap you can set the parametric searches for 660uF, or in September 2023 I've found that digikey stock(s/ed) chemi-con EKHJ451VSN661MA59M~~.

Update 2: Turns out that EKHJ451VSN661MA59M is not the ordering code you'll want. That would be EKHJ451LIN661MA59M which returns 0 results when you Google it, or maybe a single result in a few days linking to this thread. So it looks like you'd be better off just getting some 680uF with blade snapins instead and retrofitting the board if possible. Just make sure it can handle the ripple current. Always check ordering codes twice my friends!

Original post

I need help identifying the terminals on some strange caps found in an AC inverter main board. The reason I state the AC part, is that the only other mention I've found of this layout, was a question on digikeys forum regarding an AC inverter https://forum.digikey.com/t/can-t-find-the-right-terminals-for-a-capacitor/19332 The capacitor in question has the same measurements as the one in the link.

In my picture on the right you can see the layout of the terminals, there's room for three caps, but only two was mounted, hence the relatively clean pads. On the left is one of the two caps in question. It says nichicon LQ(K), 85°C. Nichicon has discontinued the LQ-series, and the datasheet doesn't mention a 660µF variant. I don't know what fujitsu did to get caps with capacitance outside the E24 series.

Question: What is the name of this type of terminals? And more importantly: where can you get 680µF 450V caps with them? I haven't found them on neither Farnell or RS-Online.

For the sake of people googling this in the future, the AC in question is a fujitsu AOYS09LDC and the board was marked K05CM-C-A(03).

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The pic may not be nsfw ... but the words uttered at the time certainly were!

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I am the lucky owner of a 20m blackberry hedge. Last years yield was about 15kg and thus year looks to be the same.

But here's the thing, 15kg is far too much to make jam of, so last year I experimented with wine. I got this kit https://brew2bottle.co.uk/products/better-brew-hedgerow-wine-kit-23l and just followed the instructions. And it was a great success, everyone who's tasted it have even been to nice to say it was bad or have actually complimented the wine. But I still have half the wine left and now it's time for 2023s harvest.

I'm still considering wine, jam and some juice but... What would you do with a lot of blackberries?

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