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It was so ingrained in our culture in the early 2000s, that when a delivery driver said "Hey What's the story?" as a "whats up" greeting, that I said Wishbone in reply. I did not expect him to get the reference, but he broke out and sang the Wishbone theme song.

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If your tires don't have traction you are losing potential acceleration. Hairpins on loose surface are a slightly different situation, the Rally driver uses the lack of traction to aim the car ready for acceleration out of corner, keeping the engine revs up in the power/torque zone so there is no bogging down like there would be with full braking, then starting

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From what i have seen from foot cam video it is mosrly clutch work. Stay on gas and feathering clutch in and out to control the grip

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Russia is just using Vodka.

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Loblaws owns a lot of other brands and are quite dominent, if you can get them to drop prices then Sobeys will have to follow suit. Rolling boycott doesn't do much because if you boucott Sobeys in the next month people will shop back at Loblaws, best plan is introducing Canadians to the true independent local grocer/bakery/butcher during the boycott and continuing to shop there. Another issue is Loblaws owns a commercial property landlord type company and 65% of their tennancy is Loblaws stores; which has anticompetitive clauses that disallow smaller grocers to move into land rental agreements where Loblaws doesn't want competition.

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OpenSUSE has YAST2-GUI GTK. Full GUI for everything, users, hardware review, even fiddling with kernel, services, or editting text config files via admin gui.

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Wait...OpenSUSE /SUSE has YAST2-GUI GTK for everything. No need for cli, all the admin stuff, even kernel boot params, services, servers, changing various config files is all in a GUI environment.

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Noscript addon

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Umm, teacher? This says Pocket Calculator right on it

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Specific ISOs tailored to specific hardware. Just makes it easy for a user to jump right in, without configuration if their hardware isn't available in the default install...as well as other tweaks to make a good user experience.

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Yeah that is bullshit. We are in a condo, a new expense like this would be covered by increased strata fee by the OWNERS, the renter doesn't take on responsibility for Strata not having a good Engineering report and contingency funds that a Landlord of a building should have--as part of good property and business management.

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I haven't experienced that. What is the use-case that makes this happen? I have one machine with only 8 gig and firefox is fine, and a 16 and 32 gig machine, firefox has never eaten 8 gigs

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Hot day, Buddy wants some cool beans.

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