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No, self-enhancing. It was in the article.

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Just so you know, these guys are invasive and do their best to kill native species of birds.

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I've always loved self-enhancing humor. Maybe this is why I've been told I was never a child. Lol.

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I hope to never go back to office. Remote has been a life changer. I have time to keep weeds out of my garden. The flexibility to have workers at my house whenever they are available. The freedom to set up my desk how I like it. Time to eat breakfast. I don't get headaches every day any more from the lighting. I get to go outside during breaks for some sunshine time. I'm here when the kids come home.

My work is more focused. No more road stress. I may be able to move to a place I can tolerate. No more wearing makeup that is bad for my skin. No more having to pack a lunch. My life is infinitely better without having to commute.

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Reproducing doesn't grant meaning. Sheesh.

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That's not even close to true. Don't believe what Hollywood and Disney are trying to sell. Having a partner doesn't grant meaning or satisfaction with life, nor does not having one bar you from either.

The kind of people who are happy with someone tend to also be the kind of people who are happy single.

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"Forever Alone" is a carrot, not a stick, my man.

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I remember the day I finally realized I was being left alone. It has been glorious. Best part of getting older. It's so nice to simply exist in my own space.

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I think that's one of my earliest blocks. Lol.

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I've blocked half of the ones you list. Lol.

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The US is the size of Europe. And good stuff doesn't hit the news very often.

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We could always go back to html chats. Hotelchat, Webmaze....

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I found this in a consignment shop in Hermiston, OR. Probably my favorite painting ever. When I die, this is my heaven.

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This is how we get into the age of supervillains.

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Something like "the Firm wants to hire you," "London doesn't like you," or "the Company has noticed your achievements."

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