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Vi sitter här på venten och spelar lite DOTA

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Your link is broken on Thunder

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Yes, anywhere other than the US. The whole union voting thing is insane.

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They claimed they specifically used an ethical model with a license where they pay the person whos voice was trained on.

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The change was that the health Ministry was able to report deaths again, which did not have the same breakdown as the local news had been reporting while the health Ministry was unable to. Still the same total.

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Isnt that just chives.

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He supposedly intimidatsd a female production staff.

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Worth nothing that the artist in question was born in Sweden to Palestinian parents and wore a scarf given to him by his Palestinian dad.

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Actually, about 300-400 of those were military and not civilians.

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But you could be fire.

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What do you call it when you forcefully remove hundreds of thousands of natives without letting them return and then replace them with people from all over the world?

And this is still happening in the west bank.

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If I mer another man in the woods I would say hi and walk by. Bears are fucking dangerous. I really dont understand why all of you are so afraid of other people.

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Cats rule (
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Rough instructions and ingredients:

for the schnitzel: butterfly chicken breasts to reduce thickness and cooking time. Pat dry and season with salt and pepper. Dip in flour, then eggs, then an equal mix of breading/panco and pecorino. Fry in a shallow layer of olive oil, flip once golden.

for the tomato sauce: chop 3 garlic cloves and 2 shallots, fry in olive oil and add a can of tomatoes. Reduce until thickened. Season with salt and add basil at the end.

Before serving add some tomato sauce to freshly cooked spaghetti and finish the last minute of cooking in the sauce.

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