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2+2 only equals 4 in bases 5 and higher. In base 3 2+2=11, in base 4 2+2=10.

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So her ruling until 1901 counts as reigning "into the 1900s"? Interesting. Also, the practice persisted in varying degrees of comonality into the early 1950's when it finally died as it should have.

Also, this is a very strange hill to die on. It really seems like you are more concerned with a satirical statement made in jest utilizing a historical context than you are the very real threat that this woman poses to the rights of our fellow citizens. She isn't going to see this conversation, she will never know of my rudeness, she will never know nor care of my, or your, or anyone else here's opinions of her or her policies. You fight a battle on behalf of a woman who would likely use your body as a bridge to cross a puddle you were drowning in rather than help you to stand, then blame you for there being a corpse in the road. I'll even admit that that was ad hominem, but in this case I don't really care. You obviously don't care about making valid good faith arguments, so why should I? See, reciprocal social contracts in action.

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What gets me is that spitting on someone is not a criminal violation in most states as far as I know. The supreme court has long held that a police officer's only responsibility is to enforce the law, not protect or serve. In this case, there was no legal infraction so he should have just sat there eating his donuts and arresting active shooters after they finish.

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Yeah, I agree that it would be popcorn worthy, but I also have a strong suspicion that doing that would end up getting gamed by both and consumers would have compounding losses.

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Oh, I never said it was perfect and I have actually thought through all of those issues, just didn't want to bog down the comment in details and math.

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It was a practice that persisted into the 20th century, maybe you should be the one to read a book.

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Just train a couple LoRAs and you can add in the vectors needed for doing whatever you want. "Circumventing" "safeguards" in this case means using a feature built into the system already. I have been making AI porn from the start. The day in installed their local framework for using it and got a Rick Astly image instead of anime tits I went and found their censorship function and neutered it. It is just python code, super easy to do.

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Landleeches can get fucked as far as I am concerned. Implement a chit system like NYC taxies so only a fixed number of single family homes can be rentals in a town, make strict livability (not habitability) standards for those rentals with steep fines and inspections every 2 years, and cap rent at a % of the real value of the property. You let a house languish so it is only worth $40k, you don't get to charge $2k/month to live there.

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I saw that line and immediately thought "oh ho ho, we have a loophole. This wasn't a subjective review, it was entirely objective. The game is objectively shit."

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My answer is more radical. Tie their tax breaks to the linearly interpolated value of the median wage in the company between minimum wage and whatever is actually a living wage. At halfway between the two they get an equilibrium point, below it is a harsh penalty, above is an increasing percentage of their tax break. Wonder how long it would take of McDonalds owing an obscene penalty on their taxes before they started actually paying employees.

I would also be in favor of levying MASSIVE corporate tax penalties for every employee on government assistance. At this point, government programs are less socialism for the people and more socialism for the likes of WalMart.

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I literally did not say that, I was making a historical reference to OP's use of the word "hysteria". And it isn't getting laid, it was manual stimulation done by a medical professional. Seriously?

Also, people like her deserve neither respect nor decency. Those have always been reciprocal social contracts. She is obviously not instigating her side of the contract, so why am I being expected to hold up mine. We should be rude to her. We should spit on her and she should be a social pariah for even suggesting something like this bill. It is more vulgar and insulting than a tacit insinuation that "she just needs to get laid", which I didn't even make. In my book, no penis should go near that hole for a LONG time. Tolerance only means something if we do not tolerate intolerance. Giving quarter to blatant fascism is complicity.

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She should have visited her doctor so he could administer a hysterical paroxysm.

(For those who don't know)

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My son was just born, and while a few photos will go on the likes of Facebook and Instagram, overall my partner and I are wanting to keep our shared photos private from the EULA abuses that we all know and hate.

Does anyone here have any good suggestions? I would create my own front end, but I can't swing hosting or a static IP to do it from my local box. Are there any companies out there who aren't total shit bags who claim immediate irrevocable license to all of my photos to do with whatever the fuck they please?

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