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How do you decide what to listen to? I assume you don't listen to multiple entire discographies

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And in 2024

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How much of that style of posts is bots?

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Are you saying the CEO of the charity organization, ADHD UK, is making the drug policy?

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Auto tldr bot missed this:

Currently, the country’s electricity grid is only permitted to have a maximum of 75 per cent renewables in its energy mix. That meant that some of the energy was exported to Britain and Ireland had to meet the rest of the demand using fossil fuels.

This limit has gone up over the years from 50 to 75 per cent since 2011 and is set to increase further to 95 per cent by 2030. It is in place because using entirely renewable power means changes have to be made to the country’s electricity grid.

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"In our tests, on a select set of popular PC games, we observed an average of ~16% FPS increase1 and ~27% display latency reduction1. In addition, CASO contributed to a 45% decrease in timeout detection and recovery events (TDRs)"

Cross Adapter Scan-Out (CASO) can improve the performance of hybrid laptops that have both an integrated GPU (iGPU) and a discrete GPU (dGPU) or external GPU (eGPU). CASO is a feature of DirectX that allows the dGPU/eGPU to directly display the rendered frames on the screen, bypassing the iGPU. This reduces the display latency and increases the FPS for gaming scenarios. CASO does not require any specialized hardware solutions like NVIDIA’s Advanced Optimus or AMD’s Smart Access Graphics (no mux switch needed), but it does require Windows 11 and compatible hardware (AMD 6000, Intel Iris, any nvidia dGPU).

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Scientists and department of agriculture officials worked their butts off to get rid of the murder hornets. This is like saying the trash you put outside magically disappears.

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I wouldn't assume Googe pays less for storage. They need to pay for land use in many countries, power usage, redundancy and the staff that manages all of it.

They also need powerful servers with fast caching storage and a lot of RAM. They also need to pay for the bandwidth.

As far as I know, they save multiple copies of each video in all resolutions they serve. So an 8K video will also have 4K + 1440p + 1980p + 720p + 480p + 240p + 144p Possibly also 60Hz and 30Hz for some of them and also HDR versions.

You have to add all that to the cost per TB. Finally, there is the question of how much additional storage they need per year, 100 PByr? Presumably also increasing yearly?

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I've seen plenty of complains about Tesla not supporting android auto

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Cardboard is the most recyclable material we have. Plastic is complicated.

Better than recycling is to not consume in the first place.

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Dave's Garage, the man who created task manager

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TIL my local library is a cult

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Maybe because you're wishing them success?

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