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No, but for the companies that make the drinks

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I feel like it would be useful to know exactly how much alcohol is in a can or a bottle. Also why is alcohol the only thing measured in percentages and not sugar or caffeine or medicine?

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Great to see Nick succeed in, standup, this was a great Special

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That is such a fucking awesome name for a place, like who tf knows what goes down in Truth or Consequences, nobody will ever know

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Nää tulokset on katsastuksesta tän vuoden tammikuulta niin mietin vaan että tarviiko jotain tehdä ennen seuraavaa katsastusta.

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I have always loved Rammstein and I still do, however this summer their vocalist was accused of sexual abuse of fans or something but the lawyers found no offense so nothing happened, though apparently they did have a manager for finding hot fans for the band's aftershow parties which is kinda nasty but not illegal

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You think its weird for a mother to mention "onlyfans", and not "femboys" ?

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Wouldn't good driverless cars use radars or lidars or whatever? Seems like the biggest issue here is that darker skin tones are harder for cameras to see

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Here in Finland I am currently doing The military service and yea it kinda sucks but I do feel its necessary for a country like Finland. Its "only" 165-347 -days long and a very big Part of Finnish culture, so I don't feel that Bad about it. It also really makes you grow as a person, having to tolerate all the bullshit that we have to do and we learn a lot of useful skills for Day to Day Life.

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They Ask about unions in Job interviews? What the fuck

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Are there any "affordable" (under $500€) Japanese watches that have actually good, or even great bracelets? It seems (online) that most Japanese watches at that price point are praised for their dials and movements but almost always the bracelets supposedly suck.

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Yeah their reasoning for defederating is kinda dumb, but luckily anyone can just make a separate account for lemmynsfw so nothing really is lost. I kinda don't even see why someone would leave nsfw enabled on their main account, like do you wanna have sexy photos mixed in with your news, cat pictures, Hobby-communities?

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Tosiaan oon tässä miettinyt, että jos tossa intin lääkärin tarkastuksessa kysytään kannabiksen polttamisesta, niin mitä voi tapahtua jos sanoo että on viime kuun aikana polttanut? Olin kesäkuussa ulkomailla jossa sain laillisesti polttaa, eli mitään lakia en ole rikkonut. Haluaisin olla rehellinen, mutta jos palvelus menisi kesken yms niin olen valmis valehtelemaan

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Different genitals. But all genders have bladders so why the hell wouldn't the insurance just cover it for everyone

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My guess: Airsoft or paintball MilSim (Military-Simulation) operation. OP is a sniper. There is an ambush. Long-shot: re-enactment of The killing of Osama Bin Laden. OP's crush is there. OP's butthole is sore, so they want a few days of no toilets to allow their bottom to heal.

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So i'm in a country where cannabis is legal. Back home it is illegal. How big of a risk is it to take something in the luggage (NOT carry-on)? Are those edibles that look like real candy safer?

My third Casio (lemmy.world)
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I really like buying Casio's while abroad on a holiday. This one i'm also gonna wear while doing my mandatory military service (Finnish Defence Forces) starting next month

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Racism of any kind is fucked up. I can't believe people can give so much of a fuck about other people's identities or whatever. Everyone, equally, has obligations and freedoms, which we should focus on instead of arguing about stupid nonsense.

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Sideloading apps is the main reason. I couldn't use a phone without Adblock.

iPhones are also just way more expensive and the few times i've tried them the UX just sucked so much, form over function.

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Visiting in Thailand right now, so far it has been amazing. Great people. Will post better pics if anyone cares to see them

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