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Yeah if it’s an edited video you’re most likely seeing mostly the successful attempts; fans who want edited content want funny deaths, deaths where the player learned something, and successful attempts + payoff & moving along.

People who are the real deal usually run a LiveSplit timer on screen so you can tell when this is happening.

Mostly though, people who make a living on making gaming content are usually really good at games overall. Don’t compare yourself to someone who’s making a living doing it. If you were that good you’d also be doing it.

And finally, yeah I’m sure there are fakers out there. Dislike and move on.

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Those birds pretty based ngl

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SmashBurger did the same and also had a spicy version that was awesome; also gone 😔

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From the company that complained too many people were using their serivce

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Print to PDF might just convert the PDF into Postscript instructions and back again without the original PDF’s metadata, but that probably depends on the Print to PDF software being used and its settings.

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Those printer instructions are called Postscript and they’re the basis of PDF.

You are thinking that the printing process will rasterize the PDF and then essentially OCR/vector map it back. It’s (usually) not that complicated.

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How are they supposed to upvote if they can’t even get into the comments? 😠

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Hey guys not to be a downer but like…what DO we do when a federated instance goes down and takes all its content with it?

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Oh my god, I saw a meme about this and I didn’t think it was really a photo from the event.

God he sucks

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This was the investigation and they apparently let him go if he’s posting about it. Right or wrong I’m not surprised they postured strongly at a guy making threat jokes.

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Wait is this real or a meme


Sometime, probably close to 20 years ago, but perhaps more recently, you heard a dial tone for the last time and you didn’t even realize it would be.

Jlasses (lemm.ee)

Is Memmy still being worked on? Haven't heard much in the last couple months...


We have Local Calendar now, which is great! Is there a way to add this calendar to programs like the iOS Calendar App, or Outlook, or anything like that?

The idea would be that I would make a calendar more accessible for non-techie users, who don't access HA from a desktop browser often but might want to be able to see/edit certain calendars (light settings, sprinkler timing, etc). I can't find much info about this anywhere; I assume it's not currently possible?

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