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Only realized how Terrible Google assistant was when I started to use it with Android Auto.

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Works perfect for me. Have been using for like a year

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Straight clickbait

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No they provide phones for the employees, at least in my area.I think it's up to choice, and the fact that the employees don't know.

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The search has issues but I don't fuck with irc channels because there is literally NEVER anyone there. I don't understand IRC, either. I'm young, sorry

Frosted Mega Rule (
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An image of 6 frosted mini wheats stuck together, the caption saying "Frosted Mega wheat r u fuckine kidding me brah"

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Y'all aren't boycotting?

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Preparation for the future. If you want an actual VR device get an oculus

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2nded so hard. By far the best music app I've ever used. So small, and efficient too

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I have the same experience. And sometimes it's not that they don't work, it's that they work very poorly. The second I switch to a chromium based browser it's fixed. I had huge issues with Google Earth on Firefox, even after I cleared my cookies and cache. Booted up ungoogled chromium and worked fine. Same with YouTube. Kept pausing and loading for absolutely no reason (1gig connection). Switch to chromium? Fine. Just my examples in the past couple days, I've had issues on non Google websites too.

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Universal Android Debloater baby

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thought you were serious for a second, for those who aren't getting the joke, driving your car is thousands of times more dangerous than taking a plane flight

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Image shows a tweet with the header "and people STILL try to convince me Linux and Windows are better when the DATA clearly shows otherwise. SMH" with an image attached showing the following:

"Operating systems by current version" Mac OS: 14 Windows: 11 Linux: 6

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No apple TV please. Needs to support some kind of casting, and the addition of whatever googles casting is would be nice (for an oculus)

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Now yes, the animations of OneUi 6 suck. They're even slower than OneUI 5.1 and are not even close to the iPhone. They're ugly, too. And to be honest if they were interupptable I couldn't tell. They still drop hella frames.

However, people may have noticed that gesture navigation is now compatible with launchers. The recents app menu launches instantly, and, when you go home, there is no more delay before you can click an app. (when using a custom launcher.this was already a thing with the OneUI homescreen on OneUI 5.1)

I think that Samsung could still improve on this in the future, but really, especially with this update the phone genuinely feels slower stock. Quite annoying.

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