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Adding another decent veteran to what was probably their weakest position group.

Career seems similar to a guy like Spillane or Elandon Roberts perhaps: not terrible, never good enough to stick anywhere. I'm not familiar enough with him to know where he is on the spectrum of physical-athletic. Hopefully he's more on the athletic side because they have a need there.

Also he is a local so that's always fun.-

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[-] bl4ckblooc 2 points 11 months ago

The guy always had either a gold or an elite card in MUT, so that’s a good sign. It sounds like this might be the final nail in the coffin for Robinson though.

[-] paultimate14 1 points 11 months ago

They usually keep at least 5 ILB's, sometimes 6. So Holcomb, Roberts, Kwiatkoski, Robinson, and Muse. Unless they bring in someone else like Kwon Alexander or Isiah Simmons. Not sure if they'd consider Reuben Foster with his off-field issues.

I think they still like Robinson's upside a lot. Depending on who they add, who stays healthy, and how many they keep, I'm thinking Muse vs Kwiatkoski on Special Teams could be the battle to watch.

[-] bl4ckblooc 2 points 11 months ago

I guess he will make it into camp, but I doubt he makes the 53 man at this point. They only had 4 listed ILB last season and 4 listed OLB. I guess it also depends on Herbig; I know they said he will play mainly OLB but it will really come down to the rest of the talent on the roster as to where some of the guys get listed I think. Muse, for example, is listed as an ILB but they could try and have him play linebacker/safety hybrid. I really hope Robinson can make it and get a helmet though. The guy seems to have some incredible upside, even if it's just as a Vince William-type downhill linebacker.

[-] paultimate14 1 points 11 months ago

The "final" 53-man rosters to start the season are usually pretty weird, and have gotten weirder in the last few years due to the IR rule. Guys who would have been put on permanent IR in previous years are kept on the active roster to be eligible to return mid-season, and fringe players are bounced off of waivers to compensate.

So to start 2022, they kept 7WR's and only 4 ILB's. By the end of the season, they had 5 ILB's (Bush, Jack, Crowder, Robinson, and Spillane) and only 5 WR's.

In 2021 they bounced both Hassenhauer and Finney off of waivers to start the season to make room for McFarland and Banner on IR.

I do agree that Herbig could be a part of the equation. I think Keanu Neal and the rest of the guys who might play that hybrid role might also be a factor. But I think if the ILB room loses a spot to one of those hybrid players, that will probably be Kwiatkoski or Muse. Unless they think they can sneak Robinson through waivers to the practice squad? But I don't think they risk that.

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