UK Long Eared Owl (lemmy.world)
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Photo by chinn

Got to my location at 5.45am and this guy was waiting for me on the side of the road. .Couldn't believe it. While driving that far, you always question whether it's going to be worth it. Well didn't have to wait very long to find out it was . pulled up into lay-by opposite slowly and opened the window and took some shots. The weather wasn't great and it was foggy when I took this, while rain was on and off for the 4 hours it was there. BUT.. What an incredible morning it was though. I've been lucky enough to see and photograph the 5 UK species (not including eagles). I think long eared owls are definitely my favourite. Look at those eyes.

I'm a big fan of the American Long Eared Owls, and I love getting reminded that the European ones are a bit different looking.

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