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It definitely seems the moral is don't annoy adults too damn much ๐Ÿ˜…

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Welcome aboard!

Check out the back catalog, tons of great stuff in there.

The Owl-natomy: Talons and Owl-natomy: Feathers are 2 I'm very proud of, and if you're in the US, the 50 States of Owls, of course!

If you have any questions, just let me know!

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I know! I just had to use that pic when I saw it!

I just hoped everyone thought it looked fun and not stupid. I try to show off a good variety of personality with the 3 photos too give them all an even shot.

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Oh cool! Welcome to the action then!

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I was very shocked when Eagle Owl lost. I thought he really had potential.

The Tawny Owl just looks so snuggly all the time. They probably aren't, but they just look like a stuffed animal. I was surprised by the person that mentioned the story of Squirrel Nutkin, the antagonist of the story is Old Brown, a very sadistic sounding Tawny.

I'm glad you all have fun here with me. I try hard for you guys. I want to be fun and educational and get you all to care for these great animals. If we ever get more people to post, it's be fun to do other animals too.

I'm also glad the sports chatter is decent. I'm not a sports person, so I'm just doing my best impression for you all to spice things up and give that feeling of authenticity. ๐Ÿ˜…

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Peacock owl is a great photo. I just had to sneak in an extra photo for each to get all the shape shifting in.

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Lol, they are totally gifted in regard to having suberb follicles! They're keeping those 70s styles alive!

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I'm really proud of the little Ruru. If NZ only gets one native living owl, at least they got a good one!

(Psst.... They're all good, but still... ๐Ÿ˜†)

If regular owl isn't gloomy enough, check out the new line of Goth Owls by SuperbOwl!

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Awesome! You may have the chance to do it again if the pace keeps up for him!

How'd you find out about it? I try to spam the group tastefully, so I'm curious as to what works.

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I'd never heard of Squirrel Nutkin before, but after reading the plot summary it does sound quite morbid for a kid's story! I'll have to see if I can read it tonight. ๐Ÿ˜†

It says he is indeed a Tawny Owl. I'd usually post a pic for everybody but familiar, but I won't subject you to that since you taught me something new.

My favorite Tyto is the upcoming Oriental Bay Owl. I've been talking about him a lot lately, but I used to not like Tytos because they were too alien looking, but the OBO made the rest look normal by comparison, so now I love them all! OBO is just such an oddball. If you don't know him yet, I'd just wait until his matchup and let yourself be surprised.

Sooty Owl does indeed rock, as do all the Aussie and NZ owls!

Update: Old Brown did nothing wrong! That owl was so patient, and that little Nutkin wouldn't leave him the heck alone for 6 days straight!

The owl just napped there, leaving the squirrels to take whatever they wanted from Owl Island. He didn't harass the squirrels. He didn't demand payment from a bunch of squirrels that apparently had no problem with animal sacrifice! But that Nutkin kept making noise and poking him in his sleep and doing annoying kid stuff to him as he was trying to sleep after working the overnight shift, and none of the adult squirrels who managed to figure out ship building for them to get to Owl Island had the decency to tell the kid to knock it off or to leave him back home when they were guests who invited themselves.

It may be because I'm in my 40s and have no kids hearing this story for the first time, but Nutkin and the other squirrels got off easy!

Beatrix Potter YouTube channel link

This is all tongue in cheek of course. It was a fun little story and is forgetten how cute her animal drawings are. Thank you for sharing this with me!

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I do see the resemblance! I remember someone before when I posted the B+W said it reminded them off a parrot as well due to the beak.

For also being known as a Quaker Parrot, I'm surprised they are illegal in Pennsylvania (The Quaker State) as well as many parts of the country.

From Wikipedia

Because of monk parakeets' listing as an agricultural pest, the U.S. states of California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wyoming, as well as Western Australia outlaw their sale and ownership. In Connecticut, one can own monk parakeets, but cannot sell or breed them. In New York and Virginia, one can own monk parakeets with banding and registration. In Ohio, owning one is legal if the bird's flight feathers are clipped or it is incapable of free flight.

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Oh yes, don't forget to vote in today's 2 matches as well!

White Faced Scops vs Spectacled

Snowy vs Black and White

Mid Round 1 Update (lemmy.world)
submitted 8 hours ago by anon6789 to c/superbowl

Barn Owl (45) vs Bare Legged Owl (19) Lots of love came in for those fancy legs, but top seed Barn Owl easily walked away with a win here.

Screech Owl (19) vs Crested Owl (17) This one had me nervous due to low turnout for a well loved owl like the Screech, but he pulled it off. The humongous eyebrows of the Crested captured a lot of hearts though.

Long Eared Owl (23) vs Buffy Fish Owl (39) The under performance of my posts of Long Eared Owls continued. Perhaps due to a recent post, relatively obscure Buffy got a solid win. He may be a force to be reckoned with going forward.

Hawk Owl (16) vs Northern Pygmy Owl (43) Everyone left respecting the stern, serious style of the Hawk Owl, but Pygmy melted the most hearts with its tiny cute charms. With a possible matchup against the Little Owl in the future, which little brown puff will prevail?

Barred Owl (27) vs Morepork (28) This was a back and forth battle to the very end, with the pride of New Zealand sneaking a win out from current bad boy of the owl world, the Barred Owl. There's gotta be some heartbroken Barred Owl fans this week!

Tawny Owl (23) vs Blakiston's Fish Owl (36) BFO finally got his due in this match. Cuddly Tawny was my pick to win big going into this one. Once everyone got to appreciate the massiveness of the BFO, it picked up a pretty easy win over Europe's sweetheart.

Barking Owl (28) vs Little Owl (30) I thought the overnight votes were going to push Barking Owl over the top, but it never happened. Very close match all day though. This one was fun to watch, and Australia still has more owls left in the tourney.

Eurasian Eagle Owl (26) vs Sooty Owl (30) Speaking of Owl-stralia, the Sooty came out of nowhere, catching the much favorited Eagle Owl off guard. You guys got enraptured by the dark feathers with sparkles of the Sooty, and the Tytonidae owls are off to a great start over the Strigs.

With many more matches to go yet, what have been the highlights or heartbreaks for you so far?

Have you learned about any owls you didn't know about before?

Did you surprise yourself picking another owl over one you were sure you'd vote for untilb you saw the competition?

What are your overall feelings about the contest?

Do you have a favorite yet to win the crown?

Let me know below!

We've also just picked up our 2000th subscriber, so thank you good stranger! I'm glad we keep growing this community and keep having fun together every day learning about our feathered friends from around the world! Thank you all!

submitted 15 hours ago by anon6789 to c/superbowl

Another popular owl today, the White Faced Scops Owl has been known as the transforming owl. It has its regular face, it's puffed up defensive face, and it's Slenderman/Dracula face. This owl is found in Africa between the Sahara and the equator. It's cute, it's versatile, it's a tough owl to beat.

Living just outside the Great Horned Owl's range, the Spectacled Owl is able to dominate the rainforests from Southern Mexico to Argentina. It strikes quickly from a patched position to take out a wide range of rodents. Birds such as pigeons are also a regular target. This owl is antisocial and does not get along with other owls, or even other Spectacled Owls except during breeding season. Will this solitary hunter be score to conquer the Scops Owl?

Upvote your favorite below!

submitted 15 hours ago by anon6789 to c/superbowl

The Snowy Owl has achieved Internet legend status thanks to its O RLY? meme. It's a large owl, and the only owl with primarily white feathers. Males lose many of their black spots as they age, while females keep them. There found all across the Arctic region, but will migrate down south to more temperate zones. Recent studies show their populations may have been overestimated, as they don't always return to the same area. This is going to be one tough owl to beat.

The Black and White Owl is another unique looking bird. This is a medium sized owl from Central and very northern South America. It has a classic cartoon prison outfit of black and white stripes, a bright orange beak, and reddish brown eyes. It usually hangs out in the forest canopies as it primarily eats insects and bats. Is this unusual owl unique enough to get a win over one if the most popular owls?

Upvote your favorite below!

submitted 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl

Saw many questions and comments in the recent post about the injured Ural Owl. A happy Ural Owl is the picture here.

Read a few articles on the subject and I'll put the best of it in comments below. Full links included if you want more or to see the article pictures.

There's 4 articles, so just allow me a minute to get them all posted for you.

Be sure you voted in both Owl of the Year posts today! Little vs Barking and Sooty vs Eagle

submitted 1 day ago* (last edited 16 hours ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl


The Eurasian Eagle Owl had long been a hit on the Internet. Large, powerful, and beautiful, it always grabs your attention. Imprinted Eagle Owls are one of the more popular choices to work as rodent and bird control. It is one of the most widespread owls of the Eurasian continent. This big owl has a lot of start power; will it prevail today?

This was originally supposed to be the Greater Sooty Owl, but a lot of pics of the Greater and Lesser Sooty aren't labeled as such (almost as much fun as Little Owl vs Little Owl pics) so I'm going to lump them together since I'm not sure I can 100% identify then.

If you like the Barn Owl, you may also love it's dark Goth/Glam cousin, the Sooty Owls. These owls from down under have a great look, and a terrifying shriek call that would fit in great in a horror movie soundtrack. Their dark color makes them very hard to find, so they're rare birds to encounter. Is this dark, mysterious stranger able to take down an Internet celebrity?

Upvote this post and your favorite below! Also, don't miss out on the Barking Owl vs Little Owl from earlier today!

submitted 1 day ago* (last edited 16 hours ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl


Australia's Barking Owl is a pretty unique bird. It has a very wide diet, probably more diverse than any other Australian owl. It eats mice, small carnivores, possums (Australian ones, not American ones, big difference!) and even bats. It wouldn't be right to not show off this owl's namesake barking.

Barking Owl Sounds

The Little Owl, the owl of Athena and Minerva is a mythical symbol of wisdom in European legend. This owl is widespread across Eurasia, and was even brought to New Zealand's South Island. Unlike many other owls, Little Owl likes living near people, as it prefers hunting in orchards, hedgerows, and fields made by humans.

Can the historic cutie take a win from the puppy dog owl? Upvote your favorite below!

Don't forget to upvote the main post too so we can bring in new fans!

submitted 2 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl

I'm going to start by saying I'm not familiar with the source of this article, it definitely has a bias to it, but it talks about hybridization of the Barred and Northern Spotted Owls as a means of saving the NSO in a practical sense besides the proposed culling of 400,000 Barred Owls.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is going to hold public referendum soon to explore alternatives to sitting the owls, so this is an interesting view I haven't seen before that I'll need to learn more about the pro and con.

Don't forget to view for both Owl of the Year posts today!

Barred vs Morepork

Tawny vs Blakiston's Fish Owl

Both have been close races all day!

submitted 2 days ago* (last edited 1 day ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl

WINNER: Blakiston's Fish Owl 36-23

The Tawny Owl is one if Europe's most common owls. Known for its twit twoo vocalizations, this owl looks like a Teddy bear, a living plushie.

On the other side, Blakiston's Fish Owl is a monster of a bird. I feel I've failed to give you guys proper perspective of the size of this owl. This thing is like a werewolf with wings. There is a reason this bird was top of the pantheon of gods to the native people of northern Japan.

Can a cute medium size fluffy owl defeat the largest owl in the world?

Upvote your favorite below and don't forget to view on the Barred Owls vs Morepork as well!

submitted 2 days ago* (last edited 1 day ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl

WINNER: Morepork 28-27

Today's first match is the Barred Owl vs the Morepork.

The Barred Owl is known for its versatility and adaptability. They are opportunistic feeders that can eat a variety of things and it's been able to extend its habitat from the eastern US to the west and Canada. This is viewed as a negative but many, as its aggressive personality can push out native species. This is also the owl known for attacking humans and pets to defend its territory. Are this owl's abilities a pro or con?

Up against this tenacious bird is the Morepork, New Zealand's owl. Also known as the Ruru and many other names, this owl eats mostly insects and some small mammals. It can fly quickly to catch insects while in the air, though it is primarily a perch hunter.

Upvote your favorite below!

Check back in later for the other match of today, the Tawny Owl vs Blakiston's Fish Owl!

submitted 3 days ago by anon6789 to c/superbowl

BBC article

Some owls stay in one place all year, some migrate, and some like the Short Eared Owl just go wherever the food is.

They have wintering ground that often overlap their range for the rest of the year. If food and warmth are good enough, they will stay put, otherwise they just go south enough to get what they need.

This seems to be the case this year in Europe for them, as per the article.

In recent weeks, large numbers of the owls have been spotted at places such as the banks of the Humber estuary.

Wildlife guide Margaret Boyd, from East Yorkshire, said "so many more than normal" had been spotted in the area.

A "shortage of food" in regions like Scandinavia was thought have left the owls looking further afield, she said.

According to the RSPB, short-eared owls were "of European conservation concern" as their numbers were in moderate decline.

Speaking at Stone Creek, a popular but remote bird-watching site in East Yorkshire next to the Humber, Ms Boyd said the owls had so far been spotted "all the way from Northumberland down to Norfolk".

"Short-eared owls winter down on the saltmarshes and grassland of the Humber every year, but this autumn there have been so many more than normal," she said.

English voles had proved particularly appetising to the hungry visitors, Ms Boyd added.

She said the prospect of witnessing multiple short-eared owls in flight had proved tempting to bird-watchers and photographers from across the country.

"We're getting people from Birmingham, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and down from Newcastle," Ms Boyd said.

"These birds are so special. They're feeding, fighting for their own feeding territory. It's been amazing."

He said he thought the sightings of the owls would be plentiful "until at least February".

His friend added: "It's been really good for the last few weeks. It's fantastic to see so many of them together, which you don't often see.

"They're a very enigmatic species. Everyone seems to like owls."

submitted 3 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl

WINNER: Northern Pygmy Owl 43-16

The stern looking Northern Hawk Owl was a huge hit recently in a series if perch hunting photos. This owl is found all across sub Arctic areas where it hunts rodents in pristine boreal forests. It's bold stripped look is an attention getter. It's also one of only a few owls that hunts both day and night.

The Northern Pygmy Owl is from Western North America. This tiny owl (6in / 15cm) sits practically invisible at the top of tall trees to wait for its prey. Previously featured here as the owl with eyes in the back of its head, will this little puffball be able to take down the mighty Hawk Owl?

Upvote your favorite below and be sure you voted in the other match today between the Long Eared vs Buffy Fish Owl!

submitted 3 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago) by anon6789 to c/superbowl

WINNER: Buffy Fish Owl 39-23

The Long Eared Owl has a lot of what it takes to be popular here. It's spread across much of the northern hemisphere, long ear tufts, orange eyes, and a wide variety of looks and expressions. For some reason, it's never seemed to get as many upvotes as expected, so will this owl be able to pull out a win today?

On the other hand, the Buffy Fish Owl has just got a good response on a recent post. Though a relatively rare owl, being only found in the islands of Southeast Asia, this owl wins people over with it's relaxed look and somewhat derpy expressions. Will it's exoticness and subtle charm get the win today?

Upvote your favorite below, and check back in about an hour for the other match if the day, Hawk Owl vs Pygmy Owl!

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