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Been loving the GG so much this year. Epic conclusion this weekend!

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i still dont quite understand this game mode.

In the end, my only goal is to earn enough points to get the carpet.

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The evidence that it's fake... The tapes...

Because there is no other evidence, such as the broadcast, the retro reflectors, the recent photos from satellites, returned momentos, quotes and people who lived through it... And you know, the USSR not debunking it at the time.

Too bad none of that exists.

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It's, what, 60 years after the moon landing, and nothinging has been been exposed

But next week, right?

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I would have paid reddit a fee directly, say $2-$5 a month to keep API access, but the way they did it was unacceptable.

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Was she black? i assume she was black.

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and "cis" is pronounced with a soft c, so "sis", not "kis"

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Live up to your name!

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that would make me worried about her house, black mold can be invisible and have nasty effects like that.

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it shouldnt be TOO hard to make it safe: just add a lanyard style breakaway at the back of the next. light tug pops the tie off.

You could make it simply self tighten, saving you one arm movement.

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ask yourself this: if a random person mike lindell’s age offered 5 million dollars if someone could prove the earth isn’t flat, would someone ever be allowed to collect that in court?

If someone who was known to be relatively rich held a competition, where he repeatedly made the claim, and said anyone who could prove him wrong would be paid, set requirements "you have to pay to come to my event to make a claim", and then advertised that fact, then yes, i think that person would have an appropriate claim.

At some point, 'you' have to take responsibility for your actions. If I a bet online, and lost, I would expect to have to pay.


I have to admit, i immediately set my ringtone to this.


Cant wait. S9 was one of my favorites, and I've definitely missed the hermits the last month!


People honestly beleive there was a massive empire until recently which covered most the globe, but was destroyed by a worldwide mud flood.

Somehow, spires on buildings made limitless power


Nice to see a new Zedaph video. Hes become one of my favorites in S9


Sorry guys, left work for a bit for a parental leave, and focused on my personal life.

Back at work, so more time browsing the web!


Whose planning on upgrading from the Q2 to a Q3?

It seems like a lot of incremental upgrades, but it's a LOT of incremental upgrades.

Cost is definitely a lot higher than I like, close to 2x what I paid for my Q2

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