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Hello everyone, I have a weird problem with my mouse: when I switch the window focus, e.g. by alt tabbing to another window, or by closing a window, and the newly focused window is on my other monitor my mouse will jump to that monitor without me doing anything. It is not a deal breaker or something, but it is very annoying...

I am using Fedora 39 with Gnome 45 with xorg, nvidia 2070 super, running the nvidia drivers and a Ryzen 3600.

I looked in my control center for mouse options, but they are very much limited

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hmm, that does not feel like it is a bug, I am not runnig Gnome but a Window Manager and there is a configuration were you can enable/disable that exact behaviour and it is called mouse warping.
You should check your setting for something like that or in Forums online.

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Omg you're right, I am using the Forge extension and that had a setting for it, thank you :)

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kein problem

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