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Yeah, having to customize with env variables is not great, and adding bookmarks is much easier in superfile. Anyway I suposse one does not set bookmarks to often. Plus nnn was so fast I just tapped they keys to get to the directory I needed easily. Once I learned most shortcuts I was flying trough operarions.

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Oh FFS, we want to tailor you experience? Totally unnecesary and how would that make my browsing better?

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It had some functionalities that nnn did not have like displaying processes or favourite directories and such. In the end I got back to nnn because I read that superfile had internet access plus the fact that I use a graphical file manager for things that nnn or many terminal file managers can not do with extensive plugins.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 week ago

This file manager made me ditch nnn, very well done!

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I do not, while yes you can socialize I think it intended to be used as an aggregator unlike other sites. Much like you can discuss(forum) and shop in other social media sites.

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It is going to be hard getting used to run0 if it ever goes ahead.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 1 week ago

Or nnn for that matter. I will test it anyway.

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Oy! You rick rolled us.

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Many other Arch based too, even if it against Arch's philosophy. Just click "yes" and "next" a bunch of times and you are ready.

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I get the idea automation, its great when it saves time and effort but when it represents a minuscule chance of chopping a limb off you it should never be implemented to the public.

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Dutch looks like a meme version of English.

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I don't know about you all but crack is like candy to me

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Hi guys,

I saw this very informative post talking about how ready Wayland is so I thought to share some info that might be useful for people on i3wm+Polybar who are willing to switch to Sway. Keep in mind I am just a hobbyist that like to tinker with stuff. If you know what you are doing you might want to skip this post and check i3wm Migration Guide and useful addons (I recommend you check those anyway if you are reading this post).

Likely you have heard about Sway but if you haven't Sway is a Wayland compositor(forget picom) based on i3wm that will make you feel at home as an i3 user. Sway has almost all i3 functionalities and some improvements as well but you will have to drop some of the programs like Polybar that you have been running on i3 for Wayland compatible ones. Do check what programs are not Wayland native and look for their replacements.

Ones which make life easier:

  • nwg-panel (see picture): Great panel/bar if you do not want to spend much time editing config files since it allows you to do it graphically plus it comes with great defaults. If you want to add a menu like usual DEs you can get nwg-menu. Or a dock too nwg-dock. This guys work is wonderful!
  • nwg-displays: Graphical displays manager that automatically export config files for you.
  • nwg-look: Simple graphical way of setting GTK3 themes. If you want to create custom gtk themes get gradience
  • yofi: Yofi is a launcher that works very fast for me and is customizable. (could not get icons to work but that seems to be a me problem. If you would like a super minimal, blazing fast launcher then tofi is for you. Personally I use wofi but its not being actively maintained.
  • For your graphical file manager thunar, pcmanfm and nemo work fine but you will have to do some tweaking to get some of the functionalities they offered in their respective Desktop Environments.
  • gammastep: Like redshift but better and for wayland, just configure, set and forget about it.

Little tips:

  • Electron apps like Freetube and Obsidian will not work on Wayland unless you use flags either on Electron's config file or specify environment variables.
  • Touchpad gestures are supported directly in Sway and you can configure those in the main config file or include it externally.
  • When configuring your Sway input options in the config file I suggest making a global option that will catch all devices for a given type and then if you wish you can specify unique behavior for different devices specifying their id. Like this:
input type:keyboard {
  • If you want to immediately focus the workspace of a window you moved you can do so like this:
bindsym $mod+Shift+5 move container to workspace number 5, workspace number 5
  • SwayFX: Extends Sway to some UI functions like one could have achieved with Picom on i3 that are not available in Sway.
  • autotiling: This lets you achieve the autotiling that Hyprland has by default.

There is much more to it than this post, go check the respective links. Anyway, I hope you find this useful. Peace!

Music Players (
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Hello guys,
I'm looking for a music player, I have checked some wikis but none of those give me their personal opinion of the music players thus I would like to know your experience. Currently I am using musikcube as I just though it would look since since it can use your terminal colorscheme and I have also used Cue.
Anyway, what music player would you recommend for someone who has thousands of songs and wishes to create playlists seamlessly. Thanks in advance

Edit: Gave most of your recommendations a fair shot. In the end I decided to go for MPD + Ymuse since it was exactly what I needed plus Ymuse is gtk so its automatically themed for me. Thank You All Guys!
fair to say I was Ymused....

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[i3] lil' rocket (
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de: i3
bar: polybar
colorscheme: tokyonight
editor: neovim
file manager : ranger
music player: musikcube
system monitor: bottom
Why is choosing a wallpapers so hard? And I think a have a memory leak :(

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I saw someone post and Android customization so here its mine:
Launcher: Lawnchair
Icon pack: Arcticons
Terminal: Termux
Floating Terminal: Termux:Float

Thoughts? (
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While swapping accounts this appears. (no account is from

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Hello guys, does anyone know any repos that might be useful?

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Does anyone know any FOSS app for sports and live scores?

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I have used macbooks pro and others PCs but did not had the courage to make the jump to linux, but this community made me do it.

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