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I can't believe they're up to 40. I remember installing Fedora Core 1 like it was yesterday. Yum (and now dnf) has come a long way. It used to have to individually retrieve metadata files for every available package, rather than using a single compressed index of all the packages available in the repository you were using. It made just getting to the stage where dependencies were calculated take forever.

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1 every 6 months or so. so 2 per year. The main difference with other distros is that Fedora is always improving and adding new tech developed in various projects that make part of the FOSS world.

[-] bitchkat 1 points 4 weeks ago

I too remember installing FC1. I've ran every release since then and the only time I've done fresh installs was whenever I got a new computer.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 4 weeks ago

Ran the beta of KDE Spin since it released. Great update :)

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They completely left out the fact that KDE got HDR support

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the article was based on the workstation release

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