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We’ve had a complicated relationship with biking in the winter. Unlike some of our favourite channels on the topic, we’re not long-time winter cyclists ourselves. We only started getting into year-round cycling a few years ago. At first it was exciting, we were breaking a mental block that we didn’t realize we had. So you don’t need to stop biking when the weather gets cold and snow starts to fall? Why didn’t anyone tell us this before? Why is our culture so weird about this? But biking in the winter never really became something we did that often. We did it here and there, it was a fun novelty, but it never felt that natural and we still shifted to walking and transit for most of our winter transportation needs.

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I slip and slide enough just walking on packed snow. You guys bike on it? I'm impressed. I'd like to keep my teeth though.

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There are two angles i’d like to come at this with, one is systemic and the other is more individualistic. Systemically, bike infra isn’t given the same clearing priority as auto traffic, making it much harder to use your bike to get around. Convincing city council to invest in better infrastructure and maintenance is a good place to help getting as many people as possible on bikes when it gets cold out Individualistically, winter tires go a long way to overcome whatever your specific geography’s winter challenges are. Studded tires are great to combat icy conditions and wider tires can help float over slushy or snowy conditions But biking in the winter has a big mental block for a lot of people, even when they’re used to playing winter sports. The key, like anything outdoors in the winter is preparation; having the layers appropriate to the conditions seriously improves your comfort. In the same way you wouldn’t ski in a t shirt, you need to dress the part to bike in the winter

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They put winter tyres with studs on the bikes

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oh fuck off. don't try denormalize it for your own emotional needs, don't try to make a you thing an us thing: it's super easy and makes perfect sense. If you can't even try, that's your failure of imagination, not lack of cycling ability.

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Well that escalated quickly.

My closest experience biking in freezing temperatures is when I was very young at a park with my father. He drove over a patch of ice and spun out, gashing his forehead. There was so much blood.

Needless to say, I learned biking in freezing was dangerous that day. We moved to an area these conditions don't exist and I never gave it a second thought. Literally didn't know studded tires existed for bikes and the other posters here were pulling my leg. Today I learned. Again, I'm impressed.

Take a chill pill jerkface.

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