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This is the best summary I could come up with:

An Australian woman was banned from using Uber after the company deemed her first name to be offensive.

Swastika Chandra tried to order food from Uber Eats last year, but when she typed in her name, a pop-up told her it violated the company's terms and she'd have change it, she told A Current Affair.

It's a symbol that has been relevant to many religions across Asia, like Jainism and Buddhism, long before it was co-opted by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and became associated with antisemitism.

However, it took interventions by the Hindu Council of Australia and the New South Wales attorney-general, according to ACA.

"We have apologised to Ms Chandra for the inconvenience this caused her, and we appreciate her patience as we reviewed the matter, which took longer than we hoped it would," Uber told the program.

Uber Eats previously told Business Insider that the "unintentional" issue had been fixed.

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Did she get an apology from her parents too?

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