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I could swear the dough somehow knows when my heart isn't in it and I am just going through the motions. Still tasty but not what I wanted. Fluffier than last time which I attribute to adding less flour during kneeding and not letting it sit as long in braided form.

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whats the half almond half pumpkin part? is that dough made with pumpkin flesh?

how does the almond flour affect the dough? what percentage almond to wheat flour? id think it would change the texture quite a bit above 10% or so.

sounds like some tasty experiments!

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The top of the bread is covered in a mix of pumpkin seeds and almonds.

Almond flour so far has been a kitchen nightmare for me. Right now I am keeping it to 75 grams and that doesn't seem to wreck havoc with the final rise anymore. I am going to finish the bag and use almond extract moving forward.

Edit: yeah just noticed you were right. I am at 10%

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