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multiple ongoing projects that hope to change the existing construction processes enough that android-style robots won’t be necessary. 3d printing houses, for example.

Never going to happen in the US or Canada. Oh sure the rest of the world will but not those two countries. The culture of construction work can't adapt. It's amazing to me when I see stuff go up in South East Asia vs the US/Canada.

South East Asia: standardized parts, 3 shifts, army of workers, about half of which are women, things just move.

US/Canada: custom everything nothing connects right, 1 shift, all large white males, things take forever.

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I don't agree. It takes effort and you will need to balance tradeoffs but employment for life with one employer is possible.

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Stop doom scrolling for one.

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4 Ps.

Pimps: operators of the gray and black market. Immune to automation since companies that can hire developers don't want to be involved.

Prostitutes: people who provide a service that clients do not want automated.

Professionals: highly educated, very skilled. Automation just makes them go faster.

Project Managers: people who deal with the gestalt of legal/political/technical/institutional debt. They can't be replaced since you can't yell at an AI and expect them to just "fix it already".

There is overlap. Live music and much of the service industry. But as a general rule you pick one of the four and you should be fine.

It's interesting that you say no one could have predicted this. Labor saving devices are not exactly new.

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There is no changing a society built upon colonization.

Europe or Canada

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Oh boy that isn't an easy question to answer. Would definitely start with a pros and cons list.

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I will never understand people who are so fragile about their birth culture. Cultures should serve us humans, not the other way around. Who cares if there is a not- enough Chinese building in China? Let people build whatever architecture they want to worship their skydaddy how they feel like.

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Makes as much sense as anything else the Church has done.

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And be cured of diseases after reading his old Myspace account

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I mean it's just the release notes. Go to their website. I have used the memory feature myself on the app so know it's working and as for the context window it can actually tell you what it is for each session.

But you have to understand that people like you keep asking us for proof that LLMs are not smart.

Where? Where have I asked that? Don't strawman me, I am not your punching bag and won't defend something I didn't say. You can "come on man" all you want but it won't change my answer. I have made zero claims if this thing is smart or asked anyone to weight in on the issue either way.

I pointed out two features it has now, which I don't think anyone can dispute that it does have those features. It has a larger context window and memory that it can update. That is all I said, a very small claim that you can prove for yourself in under five minutes by going to their website.

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and woken up is debatable,

Tell my creditors that

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Matcha (lemmy.world)
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Green = matcha

Red = paprika and beet

Yellowish = peanut butter

Deep Brown = cinnamon

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Forgot to post it yesterday. Came out pretty good

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Each braid had a light jam filling in it. Braiding was a bit of a challenge. It however was worth the effort. So guess I got a new thing to explore, since spice painting is figured out, and that is fillings.

Yesterday's work (lemmy.world)
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I am really struggling moving over from counter bulk rises to fridge ones. This is my first attempt with a braided bread. 6 hours in my refrigerator and ended up adding an hour during second rise. Tastes great but I haven't gotten the process down yet.

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Nuts: almond + walnut ground up Wash: olive oil, egg, milk, and honey Add-ons: 3.5 tablespoons of peanut butter powder, some chocolate chips, and 50 grams almond flour Spice painting: cinnamon on one side and peanut butter on the other

On a personal note I am thinking about 18 more braided loads before I move on to other bakes.

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Had to rush through the braiding process and it definitely shows. However the tastes was fine. Ground the walnuts and almond flakes this time.

I will continue to post failures as well as successes since I think that makes for a healthier online community

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Increased peanut butter powder to two tablespoons. Wash is a mix of spice painted cinnamon and peanut butter powder over a layer of egg+olive oil+honey+milk, slight amount of coconut powder in dough

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Cinnamon on outside the lighter color on the inside is from peanut butter powder

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