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after a few months of tries this one looks better!

  • 200gr wholemeal stoneground flour
  • 80gr spelt flour
  • 100gr white flour
  • 100gr starter
  • 250ml water (actually a smidge less than that)
  • salt

Folded 5 times every 30 minutes. Let it rest for a 5 hours on the kitchen counter, degassed (well, that's just a fancy word, it just deflated when I poked it lol), then let it rest overnight (12 hours) in the fridge. Cooked in the oven inside dutch oven. Let it cool for 24hours before cutting it.

Taste good, it's not as wet as the previous experiments where I just let it rest overnight in the fridge.

It's "dense", which in a way is good because if the holes were too big the butter/peanut butter would just drip through! But I'd like to have it a just a bit more fluffy I guess. I know the starter is good because when I feed it it grows like crazy (and smells good).

Any ideas?


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[-] Gradually_Adjusting 1 points 2 months ago

This seems really advanced. I feel like with that composition of flours no starter on earth could keep it from being somewhat dense, but others may have more success. Could be an oven rise issue maybe?

[-] Im_old 2 points 2 months ago

I haven't considered that. My goal is to ideally remove completely the white flour.

The oven time was 10 minutes at 250c, 30 minutes at 200c, 15 minutes at 200c with lid removed from dutch oven. Maybe I could try swapping the first two timings...

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